Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine's "natural" or un-paid ("organic") search results. In general, the earlier (or higher ranked on the search results page), and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine's users. SEO may target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, video search, academic search,[1] news search and industry-specific vertical search engines. Find out more...

Three Pillars of SEO :-

  • Content (Pillar #1): Make The Most of What’s On Your Pages.
  • Inbound Links (Pillar #2): The Infrastructure of Connections.
  • Social Media (Pillar #3): Making Friends, Engaging, and Sharing Content
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Go For SEO Services & Let Your Business Reach Greater Heights!

DigiSpread - SEO in Pune - Guest Blog Post - SEO Information Technology

While the digital landscape has changed over the years, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has emerged as widely accepted as a web marketing strategy due to its proved effectiveness & how!
Many small & large businesses are already making the most of this phenomenon to generate more leads, customers, conversions & much more & it would be better if you join the bandwagon, the sooner, the better!
Go For SEO Services & Let Your Business Reach Greater Heights! - SEO Information Technology

Top SEO Benefits That You Must Ponder On

  • Increased Traffic

Ranking higher on a search engine can help your business get a significant traffic boost for your SEO because top positioned websites on the search engine results page (SERP) receive the maximum clicks & impressions. Also, optimized tags & descriptions aids to enhance click through rate (CTR) which also increases the web traffic.
  • ROI

It does not matter if you are an e-commerce website or not, there are doubts when it comes to the ROI because SEO services can track each aspect of their strategy such as ranking boost, conversions & traffic, buyer behaviour & much more with the help of analytics platforms.
  • Cost-Effective 

Unlike outbound strategies such as cold-calling (cold-calling is an effective but costly strategy with 61% more budget than SEO), SEO services’ inbound nature helps brands save loads of their investment. It also exhibits its cost-effectiveness as it targets users/customers that are in active need of their products or services online.
  • Increased Site Usability

In a bid to make a website easily navigable for the search engines, SEO also aids to make a website even more navigable for users as well simultaneously. SEO also emphasized on rearranging a site’s architecture & links to make web pages inside the websites easier for visitors to find & navigate.
  • Brand Awareness

Since SEO works full-fledged to rank your website on top positions on a search engine against your targeted keywords, having the websites on top position also translates to get more exposure for the brand.
Like what you read? Why not take the full advantages of the SEO services for your business by best SEO services in Pune & beyond!
You must have seen many SEO services provider in India so, why don’t you opt for the best search engine optimization service provider with customized SEO service packages to suit your every business need at a low-cost & see your brand take top positions on a search engine to get more customers & earn more revenues!

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DigiSpread - Guest Blog Post - SEO & Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is huge these days & we wanted people to take its full advantages to get their online businesses reach the crescendo of success & that’s why we launched DigiSpread.


15 Social Media Marketing Trends For Small Business

Social Media Marketing - Author Guest Post - SEO Information Technology
Social media marketing has evolved in the last few years as marketers are taking advantage of all the media platforms available to them. While these platforms offer marketing tools for small businesses, there are also some marketing solutions available to connect with consumers. 

However, small businesses should continuously re-evaluate their strategies and modify them based on the latest developments and trends in the marketing industry. These changes should consider possible trends in the industry. The trends expected social media marketing trends for 2017 are as follows:

15 Social Media Marketing Trends For Small Business - SEO Information Technology

1. Facebook and Other Platforms Will Still Contribute to Small Businesses Growth

Developments and innovations offered by different platforms make them more relevant to the growth of small businesses. Marketers are aware of this and continue to enhance their competencies to take full advantage of the features offered by these platforms.

Facebook and Other Platforms Will Still Contribute to Small Businesses Growth - Guest Blog Post - SEO Information Technology

2. Professional Marketers Focus More on these Platforms

Professional and experienced marketers understand that running campaigns take time. However, the time spent on these campaigns is well worth it since it typically results in considerable benefits for small businesses.

3. Sales Figures Increase after a Two-Year Campaign

The majority of marketers are using different platforms for at least two years. The time they spent focusing on these platforms have resulted in increased sales for small businesses.

4. Two-Year Campaigns Allow Small Businesses to Grow

Aside from increased sales, these marketers also noted the significant growth in the businesses after the two-year campaigns.

5. Videos are Important

Videos encourage deep personal relationships between small businesses and their customers. These businesses can easily convey their messages through videos since users spend a good amount of time watching videos. 

6. These Platforms Generate Leads and Reduce Marketing Costs

Six hours a week on these platforms is sufficient enough for marketers to generate leads for small businesses. Also, professional marketers spending eleven hours per week on these platforms know that marketing costs will go down.

7. Search Rankings and Fan Base Will Improve Using These Platforms for One Year

Using these platforms for at least one year will result in an improvement in search rankings.  It also results in significant fan base for the small business after twelve months of using the platform.

8.  Social Media Marketing Can Increase Exposure and Traffic for Small Businesses

Using these platforms can increase the exposure of small businesses. As more people are aware of the small business, it will result in an increase in traffic for the business.

9. Domination is the Key

While Facebook is the dominant platform in the industry, it is still important to consider the other platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, and LinkedIn. Marketers should dominate the platform used by their customers to reach them.

10. Content is Still King 

Content that can capture the attention of customers will result in conversions. These platforms feed on quality content, which makes it important for small businesses to always have quality content on their blogs.

11. Business-To-Business Marketers Focus on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become the number one choice of B2B marketers since it caters mainly to professionals and other businesses. On the other hand, Facebook is used mainly by B2C marketers.

12. Snapchat is on a Growth Path

Snapchat is gradually gaining ground as an option for marketers. There is a considerable increase in the number of marketers using the app.

13. LinkedIn and Facebook are Top Channels for Republishing Content

Many marketers have already started to republish content on both LinkedIn and Facebook, depending on the type of customers of small businesses.

14. Social Media Engagement is Critical

Likes and views have been replaced with comments and shares. If more customers comment on or share posts, it may result in possible conversions in the future.

15. Conversion is the Goal

Conversion is considered as the main goal of social media marketing. All efforts will be useless if they do not generate income for small businesses.

Author Bio:

Jessa Camacho is part of the Marketing team at ConvertBetter. She has a good grasp of all the essentials conditions in building and promoting a website. Her skills and knowledge in marketing makes her prominent in the company. With her expertise, she perceives what a business should require or want and furnish her marketing skills to create, as well as, establishing software and technology in building perceptive systems for a better user experience. Her focal point is incorporating the growth hacking principles of her company, ConvertBetter.

5 Local Digital Marketing Tips to Creatively Promote Your Products & Services

5 Local Digital Marketing Tips to Creatively Promote Your Products & Services - SEO Information Technology

Do you still believe in the 2:8 marketing vs sales ratio?

Are you still focusing on the age-old marketing strategies to get visibility?

Digital marketing services have overtaken old marketing practices in the blink of an eye because of the barrier-less reach and cost-effective tools. There are many new creative marketing approaches, such as:

Build custom landing pages for every campaign

Each of the local AdWords campaigns should have a simple chart, targeting local audiences. It should be as simple as “Click ad > Go to landing page > Convert”. Local landing pages allow you to personally target customers for your business, which enables effective results and avoid wasteful exertion. The landing pages should have the following elements:
  • Attractive design
  • Clear call-to-action
  • Descriptive content image
  • Complimenting value proposition
  • Answer basic customer questions
  • Number or email id should be clickable
  • High quality textual content & images without errors

Build Guides to promote activities

Instead of just creating content which talks about your business or is keyword rich, you can start building guides. It is one of the best ways to create local content and promote it inexpensively. It uses topics which the customers are interested in and includes the brand keyword very carefully in it. Inexpensive Facebook promoted post option can be used to reach a wider local audience and attract traffic towards the business.

Always have Facebook ads going in the background

Brand awareness is necessary for brand marketing and both are co-related. Facebook ads consume a little of the marketing budget, but its reach is endless. Local audience can be targeted effectively with such promotion tools because it enables direct targeting and conversion becomes easier due to the local-aspect of it. If Facebook ads are used on a regular basis for a good part of the year, then it can be very efficient in improving brand awareness, which can then later be leveraged for marketing & conversion purposes.

Offer emailed mobile coupons

This allows you to track offline conversions easily. Customers can request you for a mobile coupon via email when they are actually at the store, allowing you to track which customers actually turned up and were converted. It can also help you to track their buying preferences and other details, which are highly useful for strategy formulation and analytics.

Automate social media

New software enables you to automate your social media which not only allows you to post content on all social media platforms with a single click, but also allows you to have templates for replies, when anyone mentions you on any of the digital platforms. This option allows you to respond to customers immediately without actually spending hours on social media along with all the hassles of the day-to-day work of the business.


There are many other services like the following:
It solely depends on your business activities and the marketer to formulate a specific strategy and mold it as per the target customers. Local marketing helps businesses in converting more customers by spending money wisely. It targets specific markets and avoids wasteful methods or tools.

Spend Less & Market Effectively by Local Marketing Methods!

Author Bio:

An aspiring entrepreneur; he always has an insatiated hunger for knowledge and food. He loves to paint emotions on paper with his pen. Sweets are what seduce him and his poetry is what introduces him. He is currently a professional content writer for Vipra Business, Noida.

Growth Hacking by Neil Patel at Pioneers Festival 2014

Growth hacking is a process of rapid experimentation across marketing channels and product development to identify the most effective, efficient ways to grow a business. Growth hacking refers to a set of both conventional and unconventional marketing experiments that lead to growth of a business.

About Neil Patel

Being the co-founder of Kissmetrics and due to his vast knowledge and experience in Marketing 2.0, Neil is a well respected figure in the world of growth hacking. You need more traffic, more customers, more traction? Learn some of Neil’s tricks to rocket your startup to the next levels.

About Pioneers Festival

Pioneers Festival unites the most promising tech startups with the world's top investors and executives at the Hofburg Imperial Palace in Vienna.

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5 Reasons to Make Use Of Social Media in Business

5 Reasons to Make Use Of Social Media in Business - SEO Information Technology
5 Reasons to Make Use Of Social Media in Business

Getting the crowd to know the existence of the business can be challenging, especially for Small-Medium Enterprises (SME’s) and Business Starters. The lack of proper study on the current trends and consideration on marketing networks can place one’s business in the backseat. Ineffective marketing strategy caused many financial losses to different businesses in the form of wrong campaign investments and loss of potential customers.

So, what is the best marketing channel as of today? Among the different channels of marketing such as paper, telecom advertising, and direct marketing, social media marketing in business has been regarded as a powerful tool to boost business exposure. In a survey conducted by Forbes in 2014, most of the marketers agreed on the stupendous importance of social media marketing in business. However, many of the entrepreneurs still question the potential of social media in their ventures. Entrepreneurs are unsure of the practical advantages of the channel due to the possibility of impermanence, gray areas, and lack of social media understanding.

To alleviate the confusion, here are the 5 reasons why social media marketing in business is a must:

1. Improves Brand Awareness

Among the known digital marketing strategies, social media is considered one of the most cost-efficient methods. The range of the potential consumer that social media marketing can reach is vast. Social media can now gain prospects that were difficult to reach on other channels of marketing. It can widen the circle of the business’s customers. 

Important points to consider in this aspect:

  • Utilize effective networks, like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to increase the visibility of your business. 
  • Create an interesting and concrete business profile.
  • The content of your social media profile should be interesting and relevant.
  • Update your feeds regularly.

2. Encourages Brand Loyalty

Access and connectivity are two of the powerful advantages of a solid social media marketing in business.  Social media channels connect the businesses to their customer, an opportunity to encourage consumers into loyal patrons. Some enterprises use some of the social media networks as a customer service platform as most of the consumers find it accessible and convenient to use. Businesses can now entertain feedbacks, concerns, and inquiries quickly, thus, improving customers’ trust. 

3. Improves Prospects and Customers Insight

Social media can help you gauge customers’ insights about the business. It will give the entrepreneurs significant data about their clients’ interest and their clients’ behavior towards the business by means of social listening. For instance, you can check on each customer’s remark to see what the general audience think of your products and services. Business owners can create new promos or service branding attuned to what will be of interest of their prospect clients. It can help the business owners in making a decision in improving their product and services, pulling out the best way to appease their customers. 

4. Decrease in Marketing cost

Unlike TV Commercials and radio announcement, social media marketing cost less. Most of the social networking sites offer unlimited free accounts or profile creation like Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. This will allow the business to promote and share their content with no additional cost. 

Some platforms also offer innovative yet affordable services for advertising. One of the popular features in social media marketing is the audience targeting. The content, or the paid advertisement can appear on the business prospects page or accounts by accordance with the specific targets that might be interested in the products and services of the business. It maximizes the chance for a user of a competitor's brand would switch to the one who has a better online advertising content. 

5. Competitor monitoring venue

Most of the content in social media is available for public use. Entrepreneurs can gain valuable information about their competitors through social media monitoring. This information can help business owners in making a strategic business decision to gain competitive advantage. The business can offer product enhancements, promos, and other marketing stunts to outdo their competitors.

The key to maximizing the benefits social media marketing in business will always depend on how to manage one’s business online presence. In this age, maintaining a good online presence works like magic in generating revenues. Most of the businesses now engage in social media marketing. Social media is an open field for everyone, and an entrepreneur must invest time and money to build up a constant and engaging online presence. When done right, it can lead to more customer, more conversions, and more profit.

5 Reasons to Make Use Of Social Media in Business

About the Author:

Content writer for Buy Real Marketing whose expertise is focused on social media marketing. With her expertise, she is sure to understand what a business needs and harness her social media marketing skills incorporating the Buy Real Marketing services

8 best points to consider when your content is weakening to generate leads

Content is King - Guest Blog Post - Content Marketing - SEO Information Technology

Content is the king” is now adage that is known to all and believed by all. But how many of us truly understand the real importance of content and its effectiveness to generate leads. Moreover, good lead generation is an essential part to continually grow your business. So what is lead – basically it is a lead when a person shows interest in buying your products and services and in the online world these leads are generated in a greater amount based on the content. Having said this is easy but when it comes to actually generate leads it becomes a tiresome process and sometimes time-consuming.
Here, one mistake and you may lose it all, your business may fall. If you thinking that you are losing your leads with your already existing content marketing campaign? Then behind this content plays an important role in generating leads. We know you must be regularly tracking and keeping an update on how your content is working and does it accomplishing the set goals, and then you realize it’s not – Now what you need to do to get more number of leads is to work on enhanced content.
At times, we also think that on the methods we follow like – I have done researched keywords, I have written articles, I have published guest posts, and I have shared my content on social media as well. This will give a hike to my website traffic but doesn’t work great. Now, it becomes a little wacky because here you aren’t able to understand the problem entirely. So, now you begin to ask questions to yourself:
  • Is my copy well-written and high in quality?
  • Are the topics written by the team relevant enough for the target audience?
  • Is the content marketing strategy falling in place with no flaws?
  • If all the answers are Yes, then certainly there is a huge scope of work on content marketing that will generate leads for your business. Do remember for an initial couple of months it will be difficult to generate leads as a good content marketing strategy takes a bit of time online to generate good leads. But if certain methods fall in place then it might give great results. So what needs to be done is that you need to learn about the better use of content marketing for effective lead generation. What types of content will give great results, and which will not? More prominently, how will you use the specific types of content to capture leads for your business? Let’s see 7 key methods or tips that you must do when you are failing to generate quality leads for your business:
  • Just to start with an update or statistics that will support our below-given points on lead generation and content marketing: According to an industry forecast done by PricewaterhouseCoopers, the total revenue from the e-book sales are likely to hit nearly $8.7 billion in 2018, that is a boost of over 3,000% since 2008. What’s more, the United States is projected to reach 112 million e-book readers by 2020. This indicates how hard the companies need to work on the right and effective content marketing strategy. Keep reading:
  • Understanding the buyers or consumer’s behavior:
 Understanding the buyers or consumer’s behavior - SEO Information Technology
Usually, the first who read the content are the buyers and the readers who are likely to buy some product or service from our website. We might make a guess about the readers or visitors’ behavior not thinking of a proper strategy for lead generation. Now what happens here is that these readers can be your probable leads so you should know their interests. Based on their behavior and interest you shall cater them the similar content that will entice them. For this you need try different methods and types for your content plan that should be totally focused on the audience demand and behavior. Then you are through the sea!
  • Your landing page shall have a story
To gain potential leads you need to keep a well-optimized lead generation page or landing page. A perfect landing page should consist of the catchy tagline and appealing opening to entice the interest of readers and your consumers. Thus, create a high converting landing page that should be capable of collecting qualified leads by making it visually more appealing and in turn draft good quality content.
  • It is crucial writing first for people, then for the search engines:
It is said that a well-optimized SEO content ranks well on Google, yes it is, but it is critically crucial to first create a content marketing plan that includes all the process for search engine optimization. This includes executing keyword research and incorporating sound keyword phrases in the meta title, meta tags, headlines, article headline, and obviously, the body copy of the article. Thus, we do not ponder much emphasis on these but ideally, a good SEO is very important to get your content found on Google search engines. So, create good content that resonates well with your targeted audiences. Thus, ultimately writing for the targeted audience is important, simultaneously working on SEO.
  • Tactically market or sell your content on the Social media platforms
Marketing Land found, “20% of CMOs take help of at least one social media platform to grow network, or engage with their customers. Do not ignore this point your presence on social media is very important for the lead generation. Push a good content and use social media forums to let people know about your business.
  • Try to include some amazing offers and discounts that catch users or readers attention:
You know you are good and you write well for your website, but to make it more interesting and catchy you need to pull some extra efforts, so that you get more leads and business growth. Thus to give some offers to your audience you can exchange information about you and about your content by giving them offers like, free e-book, a webinar, a podcast, a video, a spreadsheet and more. Remember these offers should come from the reliable resources else why your customers will turn up to you.
  • Captivate your audience by strong call to action:
Always remember you have to leave your readers curious and captivated so that they turn up to you and look u at your business for their needs and requirements. Else how will they come back to you! For this, try updating your content by keeping the targeted opt-in forms in place. You can generate a lead magnet as well, where in every post there is prompt call to action to make for the reader. This makes your bait look attractive and reliable. Here, the bonus for the customers and readers is the fresh and upgraded content.
  • Email marketing – Do you know about it?
This is one of the most effective content marketing tactics that is frequently used by businesses all over the world for lead generation. Just drop something valuable every time in the inbox of your customers or readers.  If you will offer relevant and good quality content you will certainly gain more lead sand customers connected with you. Collect leads through emails, so that you get their email addresses, contact numbers, and later can encourage them to turn into your loyal customers. Remember to always offer segmented content in their inbox, which they shall find relevant and should be open for it.
  • Use of SSL Certificate
SSL Certificate on your website will help you to build up prominence for your content and in return will develop a level of trust in front of your customers. Google this year announced that it will flag the websites without HTTPS/SSL and these websites tend to lose visitors as browser will throw warning message. Owing to the guidelines from Google, it is a mandate to get a SSL certificate on your website, if you want to avoid "Not Secure" error in address bar. If one initially doesn't want to invest more money then they can go with deals & promo offers on SSL Certificates and avail good discount. Afterall SSL Certificate will help to boost the creditability and build trust of your visitors/customers.
To sum-up:
No wonder content is the king and there are lot of ways to use content for lead generation. But if you need serious results, do follow the above-mentioned tips or methods to opt good content marketing strategy for your next campaign. Best Luck!

 About the Author

Labdhi Shah is a freelance writer and blogger. She is focused and dedicated to her work. She also loves to dance and try various recipes on Sunday's. Apart from this in her free time, she loves to get engaged with people, social activities and travel to explore the world.

8 best points to consider when your content is weakening to generate leads