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SEO Fundamentals Training 2016 | Basics & Best Practices

SEO Fundamentals & Best Practices

SEO Basic Course & Best Off Page SEO Techniques Mumbai, India
SEO Basic Course & Best Off Page SEO Techniques
SEO Fundamentals Training | Guest Blog Post | Irtiza Ali - Mumbai India
Guest Blog Post

In this article i will tell you that if you want to influence your page rank on top of the Google and some other main search engines, and if you want actual ranking then you must need to pay full attention to both on-page and off-page SEO at the same time. Your website should always be already be optimised. But you must not forget that there are thousands key SEO off-page tactics that can also help you drive even greater traffic to your site.

SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimisation, is the simple techniques by which websites get to the upper rank of the search engine results pages through seeking high page rank. There are lots of professional SEO firms that eagers trying to help new websites try to get top rankings, but their services are very expensive and there is no actual guarantee that they will work for your site. Learning some off-page SEO techniques can definitely help you to boost your site ranking without any emptying your bank account.

At first , you must be sure that your website is fully optimized for SEO using different keywords and unique copy on each page. If you have done this job, now you are ready for off-page SEO tactics. SEO can also be complicated for you and some time-consuming if you are not knowing that what are you doing, in this case, you can hire an SEO service providers. But if you have some capacity to learn and put in your time and effort, then here are some basic off-page SEO tricks in the SEO fundamentals training .

These tricks will definitely boost your page rank through off-page SEO and check seeing the results for yourself as of more targeted traffic to your site. Google has different criteria for giving page rank to websites, but the important one is how different backlinks you have for your site from other popular or well known websites. There are different basic ways to get backlinks and now we will discuss them here so you can start boosting your targeted traffic today.

Blog Comment Postings

Blogging is the latest and the first one important internet trend, by which thousands of blogs on popular trends. You must be sure to able for finding different related to the topic of your niche, for example, pets. Visit the top popular blogs each week, and whenever they write a new article, always comment on it. In different cases your name or your user profile will link to that url of your interest, or you can put your url in that message box as sample of your signature. Commenting on different blogs has the added benefits of helping you can create the impression that you are an seo expert. So avoid for two types of different comments or those that are like as ad. Join in that conversation and watch that what people come to your site to hear more about you.

Article Marketing in Article Directories

In this technique you can use your writing skills for creating additional articles for some article directories will great help you for building a long track list of back links uniquely , quickly and long terms. You will also be able to link your site to yourself, your used handy information will definitely be of great interest that they will also be linked to that article, or directly to your actual website. Many people see this writing as a core, but remember in your mind that in mostly cases these articles must have to be about 250 words long. The basic thing is the backlinks, which will drive a great traffic long after you must have the unique posted the article.

Popular Forums and Chatrooms

Registering for most visited forums and chatrooms linked to your website in some different way will also help you for establishing your link as an expert and create a growing list of backlinks. Google gives the most ranking to backlinks from most visited sites with huge of traffic so this will give your search engine page ranking a great deal. Find at least 10  best popular forums related to your niche site and make sure you must actually  participate at least every week with high-quality and unique content.

These are the 3 off-page and most popular SEO methods because these don't have to take much time, but can pay you for themselves for many years to come in  of Google and will definitely increase to your google page rank, and huge amount of traffic they will definitely drive to your site.

Irtiza Ali | Guest Author/Blogger | Expert in SEO - SMO- PPC | Mumbai, India
Guest Author/Blogger

Irtiza Ali (Follow on Twitter) is an expert in Search engine optimisation (SEO), SMO and PPC. For further information about these seo videos, all types of free courses and free training plz, visit our website @

Learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Fundamentals Training, a free practical SEO training course to boost website traffic & improve keyword ranking.

SEO Fundamentals Training 2016 | Basics & SEO Best Practices

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