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Top 3 Reasons Web Design Is Crucial for Startups’ Success

Top 3 Reasons Web Design Is Crucial for Startups’ Success - Author Guest Post - SEO Information Technology
Top 3 Reasons Web Design Is Crucial for Startups’ Success

Guest Author Post - SEO Information Technology - Mumbai, India

Web design can be the make or break factor for businesses, especially for startups that are just making their way into the competitive world of business. Yes, you’re probably well-aware that having a website for your startup is a must, but did you know that sometimes simply having a website is not enough. In fact, having a bad website can do your business more harm than good. Here are the three top reasons why web design is crucial for startups’ success and what factors you should consider when creating your website.

1. Ensure a Pleasant User Experience

Great web design will keep users coming back, while bad web design will send them running. Not literally, but you get the point. Consequently, it is important to pay close attention to how your page looks and works. So, how exactly can you ensure a pleasant user experience for your web page visitors? Well, the main point is to make sure your startup website is user-friendly both in appearance and functionality. One way is to create a great landing page.

Although many perceive design to be concerned only with the aesthetic aspect, the reality is different. Yes, appearance is important, but functionality takes the gold medal in web design. If you want users to engage with your business, then you should ensure your website is user-friendly, both in appearance and functionality. This means that website content is easily accessible and is easy to consume. Otherwise, you risk losing interest and potential customers. 

The most common reasons users stop engaging with websites are: content loading issues, content overload, and poor appearance of page and layout.  Actually, 66% of people would rather view a beautifully designed website than a plain one. Also, you should make sure there is sufficient and relevant information about your business. Hiring a professional web designer can help you secure a pleasant user experience.

2. The Perfect Opportunity for Marketing

Great design and marketing go hand in hand. Due to a large presence online the majority of businesses employ an online marketing strategy due to this large reach. Online marketing is especially useful for startups if they want to compete with the big fish. Also, online marketing doesn’t have to be expensive which is perfect for startups with a limited budget at their disposal. 

Feature links to social media pages, ad banners, email newsletters, or anything that can further support the aim of your business on your website. Placing eye-catching graphics to these external links can increase click-through rate. For instance, don’t just hyperlink the word ‘Facebook’. Instead create a fun clickable icon.  Your visitors will love them!

Additionally, keep in mind that web design doesn’t stop at your website. Make sure your linked social media pages communicate your business goals just as effectively. 

3. Boost Your Brand Perception

Branding can be considered one of the most important elements of your overall business strategy. Branding involves the way others perceive your brand. Web design is one of the best ways to communicate your brand mission. Moreover, websites are often the first point of contact for many clients, so this is the best place to share your business objectives. This provides an excellent opportunity to share what your business is all about. If you have the right approach, that is. 

Many believe that branding means having a good logo and voila. But this is not so. Having a good logo is just the start. Branding incorporates effective marketing, engaging content, and alluring images. Basically, anything that promotes your company’s mission, while attracting interest and encouraging engagement from potential clients. And where is the best place to develop your branding strategy? Why, your website of course. For this reason, web design is crucial for branding success. If you have all the right content but lack the design, then your business may very well go downhill. 

One piece of advice: don’t overwhelm your website visitors with too much information. Keep it simple and concise. Explaining the main objectives of your business and services with catchy content will increase likeliness for people to engage with your brand. In fact, statistics show that content inspires brand recall, which then increases customer engagement.  

Back to the Drawing Board

If you want to ensure your startup reaches success, then it is definitely worthwhile to revise your web design strategy.  Even if you’re convinced your website and pages are looking great, there is always room for improvement. When designing your website, keep in mind that it should be tailored to meet customers’ needs and guide them towards reaching a solution. After all, people visit a website to solve a problem. Make sure your startup is their solution. 

Author Bio
Martina Markovska is a writer who writes for Valoso Hub. A writer by day, a reader by night, she specializes in digital marketing and information technology content. You can find her online, passionately sharing her views, or offline curled up on her favorite armchair with a good book. Her inspiration: knowledge is power.