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Increasing your site traffic through search engine optimization.

In our last article, we talked about backlinks and introduced the key to ranking high in the search engines: one way links from quality websites!

Now that we understand the key to increasing our ranking in the search engines, we will
discuss an important component of it: Quality

Just like we wouldn't normally eat moldy bread, we should also avoid moldy websites when looking for quality!

How do I see mold on a website, you may ask?

Well, we will discuss 4 key metrics to determine if a website is meets our quality definition of freshness!

1. Page Rank

A Google patented method for measuring page importance or relevance. A high page rank is not an easy task. It is important a website have a high page rank score! PR5, PR6, and PR7+'s are fantastic resources.

2. Alexa Rank

Alexa is a very powerful tool used to rank web site traffic. "The lower the Alexa ranking number the more heavily visited the site.". Some examples are: (rank 14); 64); (rank 26); (rank 5); (rank 1). These rankings are generally consistent with the amount of traffic they have.  Most sites have low rankings (eg. 2,000,000++)

3. Number of Back links

As discussed, back links are an important factor. Think of them like a vote for your website. Most websites have only a few.. perhaps not even one hundred! The best websites have massive amounts. Back links building takes work, but pays off in the long run.

4. Website Age

The age of a website is important. Age installs a sense of trust, so as a website ages and stays of consistent quality, it's age itself increases the quality! Web pages, like most things, get better with age!

How to measure your website?

Check a websites Page Rank:

Check your Alexa Rank:

Back link Checker:

Page Age Checker:

Use these tools to measure your site.

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