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10 Skills To Be A Digital Project Manager

Digital Project Manager Infographic | DIGITAL PROJECT MANAGER TOP 10 SKILLS REQUIRED
Become a Successful Digital Project Manager / Digital PM

Would you like to become efficient Digital Project Manager? Want to learn how to draw inspiration and come up with great ideas?

Premium IT Solutions share top 10 skills required to become more creative Digital Project Manager in the infographic below.

How to Become a Successful Digital Marketing Project Manager?

The nature of front office projects compare to traditional IT projects is one that generally involves a more co-operative project. Not only do you need developers and testers but you might need artist's, user experience and web analysts or more. As a result THE key skill of a digital PM is the ability to be a strong scrum master who knows how to be a gatekeeper not just a facilitator.

Here are top 10 tips and must-have skills required to become Digital Project Manager that will make your team love and respect you in the infographic below

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Digital Project Manager Infographic

10 skills to be a Digital Project Manager

  1. Follow a project management methodology.
  2. Understand SEO / Search Engine Optimization
  3. Communication with technical staff & upper or senior management
  4. Ability to create or provide direction on building digital strategy
  5. Understanding the Power of Successful Email Marketing Relationships
  6. Managing staff and the costs to provide digital outcomes
  7. Understand social media networking and the various options available
  8. Continual business justification of the digital project
  9. Have an understanding of Google Analytics, as data analytics needs to be interpreted and communicated. At the right level of your audience.
  10. Understand the goal of the client, which is to achieve with the digital web project
Being a digital project manager, is fulfilling the roles which allow you to aid in creating a internet marketing direction for an organisation. Always remember, a fit for purpose approach to digital project management is important as we've seen over the years many organisations create digital solutions which were too big or expensive or take too long to implement.

Digital Project Manager Roles & Responsibilities

The Digital Project Manager is responsible for managing client online digital marketing needs and expectations. You'll work with a team of social media experts and designers to on-board new clients, and effectively and efficiently plan and prioritize all deliverable's and resources. You will educate clients on best practices, and consistently manage client expectations, ensure delivery of the highest quality service, and solicit and act on client feedback.

Client Marketing:

  • Analysis of account objectives
  • Client planning, client kick-off meetings
  • Digital marketing recommendations
  • Oversight of campaign execution
  • Short and long writing
  • Manage client relationships for profitability
  • Coordinate work of team members.

Client Relationship:

  • Evaluate results of engagements via recurring reports and analysis
  • Present recommendations
  • Writes case studies
  • Define scope of work for additional projects
  • Deliver compelling presentations


  • Develops a forward-looking perspective on the client’s industry and digital marketing spaces and can advise others.
  • Is a contributor to the social media space, and has relationships with other influencers.
  • Creates opportunities for personal and team’s professional growth and skill building.
  • Complete flash reports, monthly billing and expense reports on time.
  • Review of other reports.
  • Attend team meetings and may lead a portion.

Must have the ability to:

  • Monitor day-to-day activities of the project team and ensure work is progressing as planned
  • Manage schedules, budgets, and overall project organization to ensure requirements and project deliverables dates are clearly communicated, understood and executed upon
  • Work across several projects at once
  • Actively monitor project risks and scope to foresee and identify potential problems and proactively identify solutions to address them
  • Identify needs that clients may not recognize and ensure approaches and solutions are linked to objectives and future needs
  • Manage client expectations, ensure delivery of the highest quality service, and solicit and act on client feedback
  • Communicate and document project status and strategic recommendations to clients, team members and senior management on a regular basis; escalate issues accordingly
  • Proactively identify opportunities and deliver improvement
  • Proactively resolve client issues with outstanding communication