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Office IT Relocation – Experts List Common Mistakes To Avoid

Bob Josward | Guest Author Post | SEO Information Technology
Moving your business to a new location? Make sure to allot sufficient time, energy and budget to make it happen. You’ll need to use your resources smartly because relocating to a new office is never simple, whether you’re moving to the next unit, a new district or another city. 

The good news is that the endeavour doesn’t have to be too stressful or too expensive for you to handle. Armed with a good plan and guided by reputable IT experts, moving to a new office – and toward a new chapter for the business – can be one of the best decisions you can ever make.

For cost-smart and time-efficient IT relocation, experts advise businesses to avoid the following common mistakes: 

Not conducting an assessment before making changes. 

It can be exciting to simply begin with everything new once you move to your new place. But before buying new equipment or signing up for new subscriptions, it’s important to conduct an assessment first. This entails auditing your company’s existing assets and current internet and telephone accounts, as well as scoping out the new location to determine the requirements for IT and telecom you’ll need to address.  

Failing to develop a timetable. 

The last thing you want to experience is to settle down for your first day of work at the new office and realise that you still don’t have an internet connection. Service providers need to be notified way in advance of your relocation to ensure everything is set up before your target start date. Even if you’ll be getting new providers, try to schedule the resumption of your operations a few days after the target date of installation, to allow some allowance for unforeseen incidents. 

Going DIY. 

Don’t try to save money by doing everything yourself, because there’s a huge possibility that that route will be costlier in the long run. Disconnecting, reconnecting and rerouting your IT infrastructure and network should not be delegated to your staff or even your moving company. It’s a complicated, delicate task, and one wrong move can mean serious disruption to your business. It’s best that all IT relocation matters be handled only by professionals. 

By working with a reputable company offering IT support, expect that everything will be managed with efficiency and professionalism, from liaising with third-party service providers to making sure everything is ready to use and smoothly operating according to the target schedule. Moreover, their service doesn’t end once your business is up and running in the new location. The best IT support services team can still continue to provide support and advice should you encounter any issues or questions after your office move. 

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Bob Josward | Gues Post Submission on OFFICE IT RELOCATION
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