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8 best points to consider when your content is weakening to generate leads

Content is King - Guest Blog Post - Content Marketing - SEO Information Technology

Content is the king” is now adage that is known to all and believed by all. But how many of us truly understand the real importance of content and its effectiveness to generate leads. Moreover, good lead generation is an essential part to continually grow your business. So what is lead – basically it is a lead when a person shows interest in buying your products and services and in the online world these leads are generated in a greater amount based on the content. Having said this is easy but when it comes to actually generate leads it becomes a tiresome process and sometimes time-consuming.
Here, one mistake and you may lose it all, your business may fall. If you thinking that you are losing your leads with your already existing content marketing campaign? Then behind this content plays an important role in generating leads. We know you must be regularly tracking and keeping an update on how your content is working and does it accomplishing the set goals, and then you realize it’s not – Now what you need to do to get more number of leads is to work on enhanced content.
At times, we also think that on the methods we follow like – I have done researched keywords, I have written articles, I have published guest posts, and I have shared my content on social media as well. This will give a hike to my website traffic but doesn’t work great. Now, it becomes a little wacky because here you aren’t able to understand the problem entirely. So, now you begin to ask questions to yourself:
  • Is my copy well-written and high in quality?
  • Are the topics written by the team relevant enough for the target audience?
  • Is the content marketing strategy falling in place with no flaws?
  • If all the answers are Yes, then certainly there is a huge scope of work on content marketing that will generate leads for your business. Do remember for an initial couple of months it will be difficult to generate leads as a good content marketing strategy takes a bit of time online to generate good leads. But if certain methods fall in place then it might give great results. So what needs to be done is that you need to learn about the better use of content marketing for effective lead generation. What types of content will give great results, and which will not? More prominently, how will you use the specific types of content to capture leads for your business? Let’s see 7 key methods or tips that you must do when you are failing to generate quality leads for your business:
  • Just to start with an update or statistics that will support our below-given points on lead generation and content marketing: According to an industry forecast done by PricewaterhouseCoopers, the total revenue from the e-book sales are likely to hit nearly $8.7 billion in 2018, that is a boost of over 3,000% since 2008. What’s more, the United States is projected to reach 112 million e-book readers by 2020. This indicates how hard the companies need to work on the right and effective content marketing strategy. Keep reading:
  • Understanding the buyers or consumer’s behavior:
 Understanding the buyers or consumer’s behavior - SEO Information Technology
Usually, the first who read the content are the buyers and the readers who are likely to buy some product or service from our website. We might make a guess about the readers or visitors’ behavior not thinking of a proper strategy for lead generation. Now what happens here is that these readers can be your probable leads so you should know their interests. Based on their behavior and interest you shall cater them the similar content that will entice them. For this you need try different methods and types for your content plan that should be totally focused on the audience demand and behavior. Then you are through the sea!
  • Your landing page shall have a story
To gain potential leads you need to keep a well-optimized lead generation page or landing page. A perfect landing page should consist of the catchy tagline and appealing opening to entice the interest of readers and your consumers. Thus, create a high converting landing page that should be capable of collecting qualified leads by making it visually more appealing and in turn draft good quality content.
  • It is crucial writing first for people, then for the search engines:
It is said that a well-optimized SEO content ranks well on Google, yes it is, but it is critically crucial to first create a content marketing plan that includes all the process for search engine optimization. This includes executing keyword research and incorporating sound keyword phrases in the meta title, meta tags, headlines, article headline, and obviously, the body copy of the article. Thus, we do not ponder much emphasis on these but ideally, a good SEO is very important to get your content found on Google search engines. So, create good content that resonates well with your targeted audiences. Thus, ultimately writing for the targeted audience is important, simultaneously working on SEO.
  • Tactically market or sell your content on the Social media platforms
Marketing Land found, “20% of CMOs take help of at least one social media platform to grow network, or engage with their customers. Do not ignore this point your presence on social media is very important for the lead generation. Push a good content and use social media forums to let people know about your business.
  • Try to include some amazing offers and discounts that catch users or readers attention:
You know you are good and you write well for your website, but to make it more interesting and catchy you need to pull some extra efforts, so that you get more leads and business growth. Thus to give some offers to your audience you can exchange information about you and about your content by giving them offers like, free e-book, a webinar, a podcast, a video, a spreadsheet and more. Remember these offers should come from the reliable resources else why your customers will turn up to you.
  • Captivate your audience by strong call to action:
Always remember you have to leave your readers curious and captivated so that they turn up to you and look u at your business for their needs and requirements. Else how will they come back to you! For this, try updating your content by keeping the targeted opt-in forms in place. You can generate a lead magnet as well, where in every post there is prompt call to action to make for the reader. This makes your bait look attractive and reliable. Here, the bonus for the customers and readers is the fresh and upgraded content.
  • Email marketing – Do you know about it?
This is one of the most effective content marketing tactics that is frequently used by businesses all over the world for lead generation. Just drop something valuable every time in the inbox of your customers or readers.  If you will offer relevant and good quality content you will certainly gain more lead sand customers connected with you. Collect leads through emails, so that you get their email addresses, contact numbers, and later can encourage them to turn into your loyal customers. Remember to always offer segmented content in their inbox, which they shall find relevant and should be open for it.
  • Use of SSL Certificate
SSL Certificate on your website will help you to build up prominence for your content and in return will develop a level of trust in front of your customers. Google this year announced that it will flag the websites without HTTPS/SSL and these websites tend to lose visitors as browser will throw warning message. Owing to the guidelines from Google, it is a mandate to get a SSL certificate on your website, if you want to avoid "Not Secure" error in address bar. If one initially doesn't want to invest more money then they can go with deals & promo offers on SSL Certificates and avail good discount. Afterall SSL Certificate will help to boost the creditability and build trust of your visitors/customers.
To sum-up:
No wonder content is the king and there are lot of ways to use content for lead generation. But if you need serious results, do follow the above-mentioned tips or methods to opt good content marketing strategy for your next campaign. Best Luck!

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Labdhi Shah is a freelance writer and blogger. She is focused and dedicated to her work. She also loves to dance and try various recipes on Sunday's. Apart from this in her free time, she loves to get engaged with people, social activities and travel to explore the world.

8 best points to consider when your content is weakening to generate leads