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How Often Do You Create Content? - Developing a Content Strategy

How Often Do You Create Content? - Developing a Content Strategy - Guest Blog Post - SEO Information Technology
How Often Do You Create Content? - Developing a Content Strategy

This is the biggest question and challenge most organizations face today. Research continues to show 60% do not have enough time devoted to content creation as the main factor to marketing success. But we know content is important. Research by Hubspot points that 1-2 blogs a month generate 70% more leads than a company who does not do content marketing at all.

Many reports dictate how often you should create content for your blogs, marketing campaigns and social media. While is it good to take the advice from other sources, it is important to understand what is capable within your organization. Organizations need to consider key factors before determining how often to create content with positive results.

Resources and Responsibility

How much time is available for an organization to create and distribute content? It must be determined what percentage of a person’s time should be dedicated to content creation while still maintaining a plethora of other responsibilities. Also, it is often believed that only marketing should provide content but in reality marketing is the driver to develop content. Content should be created by all team members of the organization depending on the area of expertise needed to educate your audience.


How receptive will you audience be to the content you create. This depends on the personas you develop and at what level will content resonate with your audience based on the subject matter, content approach and simplicity of your solution. Your content topics should be based on your personas and what drives them to use your solution to help them solve their problem.

Content Type

What type of content is needed to connect with your audience. Are blogs sufficient enough or would videos work better to connect with your audience to grab their attention.   Content consist of email, blogs, videos, podcasts, marketing campaigns, social media, white papers, e-books and now live chats.

Quality of Content

Try to focus on quality driven content versus quantity. You can create 10 blogs a month but if no one wants to read them then what’s the point. Spend the time to create exciting content to connect with your audience. This will come from testing different types of writing approaches and headlines to see what type of results you get.


What is your competition doing in terms of content creation. This can help you gauge your approach and how to create content that differentiates you from them. Pick your main competitors and do your research.


In the end, your organization should always test to determine results based on the factors above to find what best works within your organization.

In closing, I always recommend a couple of suggestions when going through the content creation process.
  1. Create a content piece that can be used within different mediums such as blogging, video, podcasting, campaigns, social media, etc.   This allows you to connect with potentially different audiences using the same content. This also creates longevity within your content piece by creating a series or segments for a longer run time for your content and less time focused on different content topics
  2. After you publish or distribute content, make sure you re-distribute that same content over time to reinforce your content to existing users and share with potentially new users. This helps you reduce your content creation by repurposing existing content.
  3. You can also learn more about Creating video content as an effective marketing tool

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About the Author

Frank Anastacio Trevino Jr

Founder and CEO of iLLUMULUS, a Global Marketing & Customer Strategy firm.  I work with companies to connect with customers, Creating Value through the marketing digital experience.  I share my time between South Korea and Denver, Colorado.  You can find me on Linkedin or follow me on Twitter

How Often Do You Create Content? - Developing a Content Strategy