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5 Local Digital Marketing Tips to Creatively Promote Your Products & Services

5 Local Digital Marketing Tips to Creatively Promote Your Products & Services - SEO Information Technology

Do you still believe in the 2:8 marketing vs sales ratio?

Are you still focusing on the age-old marketing strategies to get visibility?

Digital marketing services have overtaken old marketing practices in the blink of an eye because of the barrier-less reach and cost-effective tools. There are many new creative marketing approaches, such as:

Build custom landing pages for every campaign

Each of the local AdWords campaigns should have a simple chart, targeting local audiences. It should be as simple as “Click ad > Go to landing page > Convert”. Local landing pages allow you to personally target customers for your business, which enables effective results and avoid wasteful exertion. The landing pages should have the following elements:
  • Attractive design
  • Clear call-to-action
  • Descriptive content image
  • Complimenting value proposition
  • Answer basic customer questions
  • Number or email id should be clickable
  • High quality textual content & images without errors

Build Guides to promote activities

Instead of just creating content which talks about your business or is keyword rich, you can start building guides. It is one of the best ways to create local content and promote it inexpensively. It uses topics which the customers are interested in and includes the brand keyword very carefully in it. Inexpensive Facebook promoted post option can be used to reach a wider local audience and attract traffic towards the business.

Always have Facebook ads going in the background

Brand awareness is necessary for brand marketing and both are co-related. Facebook ads consume a little of the marketing budget, but its reach is endless. Local audience can be targeted effectively with such promotion tools because it enables direct targeting and conversion becomes easier due to the local-aspect of it. If Facebook ads are used on a regular basis for a good part of the year, then it can be very efficient in improving brand awareness, which can then later be leveraged for marketing & conversion purposes.

Offer emailed mobile coupons

This allows you to track offline conversions easily. Customers can request you for a mobile coupon via email when they are actually at the store, allowing you to track which customers actually turned up and were converted. It can also help you to track their buying preferences and other details, which are highly useful for strategy formulation and analytics.

Automate social media

New software enables you to automate your social media which not only allows you to post content on all social media platforms with a single click, but also allows you to have templates for replies, when anyone mentions you on any of the digital platforms. This option allows you to respond to customers immediately without actually spending hours on social media along with all the hassles of the day-to-day work of the business.


There are many other services like the following:
It solely depends on your business activities and the marketer to formulate a specific strategy and mold it as per the target customers. Local marketing helps businesses in converting more customers by spending money wisely. It targets specific markets and avoids wasteful methods or tools.

Spend Less & Market Effectively by Local Marketing Methods!

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