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15 Social Media Marketing Trends For Small Business

Social Media Marketing - Author Guest Post - SEO Information Technology
Social media marketing has evolved in the last few years as marketers are taking advantage of all the media platforms available to them. While these platforms offer marketing tools for small businesses, there are also some marketing solutions available to connect with consumers. 

However, small businesses should continuously re-evaluate their strategies and modify them based on the latest developments and trends in the marketing industry. These changes should consider possible trends in the industry. The trends expected social media marketing trends for 2017 are as follows:

15 Social Media Marketing Trends For Small Business - SEO Information Technology

1. Facebook and Other Platforms Will Still Contribute to Small Businesses Growth

Developments and innovations offered by different platforms make them more relevant to the growth of small businesses. Marketers are aware of this and continue to enhance their competencies to take full advantage of the features offered by these platforms.

Facebook and Other Platforms Will Still Contribute to Small Businesses Growth - Guest Blog Post - SEO Information Technology

2. Professional Marketers Focus More on these Platforms

Professional and experienced marketers understand that running campaigns take time. However, the time spent on these campaigns is well worth it since it typically results in considerable benefits for small businesses.

3. Sales Figures Increase after a Two-Year Campaign

The majority of marketers are using different platforms for at least two years. The time they spent focusing on these platforms have resulted in increased sales for small businesses.

4. Two-Year Campaigns Allow Small Businesses to Grow

Aside from increased sales, these marketers also noted the significant growth in the businesses after the two-year campaigns.

5. Videos are Important

Videos encourage deep personal relationships between small businesses and their customers. These businesses can easily convey their messages through videos since users spend a good amount of time watching videos. 

6. These Platforms Generate Leads and Reduce Marketing Costs

Six hours a week on these platforms is sufficient enough for marketers to generate leads for small businesses. Also, professional marketers spending eleven hours per week on these platforms know that marketing costs will go down.

7. Search Rankings and Fan Base Will Improve Using These Platforms for One Year

Using these platforms for at least one year will result in an improvement in search rankings.  It also results in significant fan base for the small business after twelve months of using the platform.

8.  Social Media Marketing Can Increase Exposure and Traffic for Small Businesses

Using these platforms can increase the exposure of small businesses. As more people are aware of the small business, it will result in an increase in traffic for the business.

9. Domination is the Key

While Facebook is the dominant platform in the industry, it is still important to consider the other platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus, and LinkedIn. Marketers should dominate the platform used by their customers to reach them.

10. Content is Still King 

Content that can capture the attention of customers will result in conversions. These platforms feed on quality content, which makes it important for small businesses to always have quality content on their blogs.

11. Business-To-Business Marketers Focus on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become the number one choice of B2B marketers since it caters mainly to professionals and other businesses. On the other hand, Facebook is used mainly by B2C marketers.

12. Snapchat is on a Growth Path

Snapchat is gradually gaining ground as an option for marketers. There is a considerable increase in the number of marketers using the app.

13. LinkedIn and Facebook are Top Channels for Republishing Content

Many marketers have already started to republish content on both LinkedIn and Facebook, depending on the type of customers of small businesses.

14. Social Media Engagement is Critical

Likes and views have been replaced with comments and shares. If more customers comment on or share posts, it may result in possible conversions in the future.

15. Conversion is the Goal

Conversion is considered as the main goal of social media marketing. All efforts will be useless if they do not generate income for small businesses.

Author Bio:

Jessa Camacho is part of the Marketing team at ConvertBetter. She has a good grasp of all the essentials conditions in building and promoting a website. Her skills and knowledge in marketing makes her prominent in the company. With her expertise, she perceives what a business should require or want and furnish her marketing skills to create, as well as, establishing software and technology in building perceptive systems for a better user experience. Her focal point is incorporating the growth hacking principles of her company, ConvertBetter.