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Boost Your Sales With Holiday Marketing Tips and Ideas for Small Businesses

Promote Your Business During Holiday Season

The holiday season is fast approaching and with it comes a strong demand for shopping, both online and offline.Use these Holiday Marketing tips and ideas to make the most of the spike in holiday traffic and spending, creating a positive impression of your small business that will last long.

4 Questions To Ask Yourself for Your Holiday Marketing Campaign

  1. Do you have a special holiday deal for customers?
  2. Are your promotions focused?
  3. Have you updated everything to reflect your special deal?
  4. Have you created a sales funnel?

Tips for Getting Customers Ready for the Holidays with Social Media and Email Marketing

  • Develop a schedule to help build holiday momentum.
  • Pay attention to what your fans, followers, and readers really want this year.
  • Be a resource, not just a sales pitch.
  • Don’t try to do too much, too soon.
  • Give them what they signed up for: exclusive content.
  • Make the holidays an event.
  • Remember what works during the other seasons.
  • Be authentic.

Here are five ways businesses can boost e-commerce sales this holiday season:

  1. Maximize Customer Experience: Customer experience on your e-commerce store is vital to make customers linger around, browse, and buy online. It’s the first step to boost your sales. Easy navigation, intuitive search, optimized and streamlined product pages with great copy, fast-loading web pages, and a high-degree of interactivity are a given.
  2. Don’t make them drag a heavy shopping cart: Create user friendly online shopping cart. If it disappears, stalls, miscalculates prices, and doesn’t appear responsive can loose your customer. Make it simple for online shoppers. Allow them to login with a minimum number of clicks, invest in intelligent shopping carts that do half of the customers’ work e.g filling in the details etc, add robust security features for the cart.
  3. Show Off Your Products: Presentation is everything. Combined with spectacular product photography, an organized layout, great graphics, and a pleasant visual presentation, your e-commerce online store will do a lot of heavy lifting for your business.
  4. Use Effective Customer E-commerce Platforms: Often, the tools businesses use determine success (or the lack of it). Manage your e-commerce online store, serve customers, and make profits while letting go of source code.’s  idev® , for instance, is a simple-to-use Content Management  systems (CMS) specially built for e-commerce sites. Starting with the idev® Intelligent Search tool, customers can find desired products more quickly without time-consuming searches. For merchants, a host of features make it easy to manage your website for maximum profitability.
  5. Let customers shop, their style: Customers are as different as the choices they make. Make sure that you allow for faster shopping experience, choices in the form of multiple options to search for products based on product type, brand, category, color or price. Give them options to browse, choose, and let the vision of these products marinate in their heads. Using state-of-the-art e-commerce sales management systems plugs intelligent cross-sell, social, and recommendation tools and you’ll have ways to influence customer choices without coming on to them too hard.

Holiday Marketing Tip

Holiday Marketing Tips and Ideas for Small Business

It's important to remember that not everything changes during the holiday season. The best Holiday Marketing practices and strategies you use in your Email Marketing and Social Media accounts throughout the year will not still be effective in November and December month, but they will help you engage your customers in the month of September and October and get them ready for the holiday push.

Holiday Marketing Resources for Small Businesses

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Did you know that 67% of shoppers purchased a gift they found on social media? How are you using social media for your business this holiday season?

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