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Periscope vs Meerkat: Attract a Global Audience With Live Streaming Apps

Meerkat & Periscope: Colonizing the Live Streaming Market

How To Use Meerkat & Periscope For Your Business
Are you using Periscope and/or Meerkat in your marketing? These two live-streaming apps burst onto the social media scene in early 2015. Many of their features are similar with a few differences that set them apart. Live streaming can be a fun way to make your marketing more personal and interactive.

Using live streaming is a great way to make big company announcements and share breaking news. Creating a Q&A session using one of these apps is an easy way to interact with your customers and receive live feedback. Another popular use of live streaming apps is to broadcast presentations to reach larger audiences.

Ghergich & Co. along with Salesforce Canada created a comprehensive graphic comparing Meerkat and Periscope you can check the entire post here

This colorful graphic takes a deeper look into who uses these two live streaming apps, how to apply them to your marketing and their differences

Periscope vs Meerkat: Attract a Global Audience With Live Streaming Apps
Using Meerkat & Periscope for Business! [Infographic]

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Social Live Streaming Apps: Meerkat & Periscope

There has been a lot of excitement since there launch this year around the mobile live-streaming apps Meerkat and Periscope  

Periscope has emerged as a favorite among marketers. But the competition is still tight, especially with Meerkat’s recent launch of Cameo along with Facebook integration, which promises of connecting brands and influencers in meaningful ways.

Meerkat and Periscope took the mobile first approach, which enables brands to deliver exclusive content to an increasingly mobile audience apart from their web competitors such as Ustream, Twitch, and Bambuser which have been serving the globe with live content feed for more than a decade.

Brands and marketers are already helping to develop use cases on both live streaming platforms. The stage certainly seems set for influencers and social media creatives to help brands tell compelling stories using live video.

Whether or not Meerkat and Periscope will dominate the mobile live streaming market is yet to be determined. 

All of this points to an arms race of sorts among mobile-first live streaming video providers. Influencers will be integral in exploring and establishing the best uses for each platform. As always, the cream will rise to the top and more users will flock to the network or networks that deliver the best experience.

Leveraging Live Streaming: Make Live Streaming Work for You

Attract a Global Audience With Live Video Streaming Apps means that even if the event you're promoting is being staged in New York for instance, it could still be viewed as it happens by someone perhaps on the other side of the world. This can only be a good thing since it gives you and your event the necessary exposure to do well.

Download & Install Social Live Streaming Apps

Have you used Periscope and/or Meerkat yet? Let us know your thoughts and experience with the apps in the comments below.

Meerkat vs Periscope

Colonizing the Live Streaming Market

What is Meerkat?
Meerkat is live video-streaming app for iOS and Android.

What is Periscope?
Periscope is a live streaming app for iOS and Android. Twitter acquired in January, 2015.

Meerkat allow users to 
  • Share live videos
  • Engage with viewers
Periscope allow users to 
  • Discover streams to watch
  • Save streams to your camera roll
Meerkat users are called Meerkatters and broadcasting is called Meerkatting.

Periscope users are called Scopers and broadcasting is called Periscoping

Fact: On the same day Meerkat closed its $14 million in funding, Periscope launched.

Meerkat - Since it's launch on February 27, 2015, there have been more than:
  • 2,294,700 Posts
  • 2,000,000 Users
  • 10,810,521,800 Impressions
*As of August 19 2015

Periscope - Since it's launch on March 26, 2015, there have been more than:
  • 10,425,860 Posts
  • 10,000,000 Users
  • 102,570,603,860 Impressions
*As of August 19 2015

Meerkat blew up at SXSW:

  • Views of streams from Austin reached more than 25,000 per day.
  • Meerkat secured audience take-up in record time and a $14 million funding record.
Meerkat Monopoly: Tweets of Meerkat Links After the App's Launch

Meerkat Monopoly: Tweets of Meerkat Links After the App's Launch Mumbai India

How To Use Meerkat

  1. You must have a Twitter App  to use Meerkat.
  2. When you press "Stream" your live video stream shows up instantly in your followers Twitter feeds.
  3. You can see the Twitter profile pictures of people who watch a stream along with any likes or comments.
  4. These comments are tweets, but also live natively in the app.
  5. You can stream immediately, or schedule a time for later.
  6. You can save broadcasts to your Meerkat library and come back and watch them later.
  7. Tweets announcing meerkats use the hashtag #meerkat.
  8. Meerkat's simplicity - for both the streamer and the viewer - has made the app super popular.
  9. The app takes video vertically (while most other apps use a horizontal layout).

How To Use Periscope

  1. Periscope users sign in with Twitter.
  2. Periscope will import all your Twitter Information including profile picture and bio.
  3. Once you start a live broadcast, Periscope will instantly notify your followers so they can join , comment and "heart" in real time.
  4. Periscope allows users to broadcast live to followers.
  5. Periscope hearts are the way to app measures popularity.
  6. You can earn them on both live broadcasts and replays.
  7. You can customize the title, location, privacy, who comments, and whether or not broadcast the also posts to Twitter.
  8. Broadcasts can be saved to your Meerkat library. Periscope saves broadcasts for 24 hours.
  9. To end a broadcast, swipe down and click on "Stop Broadcasting".
  10. You can save your broadcasts to view later.
  11. Turn on autosave function in settings.
  12. Since Periscope is integrated with Twitter it gives users immediate access to their current Twitter following.
  13. This makes it easy to find friends and to increase engagement on your own broadcasts.

Meerkat vs. Periscope : The Metrics

The number of videos shared from Meerkat and Periscope on Twitter is relatively closer.

Number Of Meerkat and Periscope Videos Shared on Twitter Mumbai India

Yet less than half of Periscope broadcasts are tweeted out.

Engagement over the same 8-day period:

  • 59% of Meerkat's users shared only 1 video 
  • 41% shared 2 or more videos
  • 57% of Periscope users shared multiple videos
  • Almost 6.5% of Periscope's users shared 10 or more videos.
Influence Of Users

According to real time tracking site
  • Periscope has many more users with more than 10,000 Twitter followers.
  • Only 970 Meerkat users had more than 10,000 followers.
Between April 1 and April 8, 3,221 Periscope users had more than 10,000 followers

Percentage of Users Sharing from Meerkat, Periscope and Both

  1. Meerkat - 39%
  2. Periscope - 57%
  3. Both - 4%
Both apps received a ton of hype when they launched and they've seen continued engagement.

It's clear the general public and business want to tap into the world of live streaming

Differences Between Meerkat and Periscope

  • Meerkat lacks browsing capability for live streams
  • On Periscope users can pin their locations.
  • Meerkat is always public 
  • Periscope allows users to invite only specific users to their streams.
  • Meerkat cannot plug into Twitter's social graph anymore (it was blocked soon after Twitter purchased the rights to Periscope)

How To Use Meerkat & Periscope For Your Small Business

Break news about your company , products , services or future events with video.
  • Customer Support
    • Monitor and respond to multiple support requests in real time.
  • Flash Sales
    • Offer a special 24-hour price or other limited time offer.
  • Announcements
    • Share company news.
  • Q&A's
    • Consider running a daily, weekly, or monthly Q&A's to connect with customers itching for interaction.
  • Presentations
    • New product or not, share features of your products or services.
  • Crowdsourcing
    • Get immediate feedback on questions like, "What's your take on this product?"
  • Product Demonstration
    • New product hitting the market? Show your loyal and potential customers how it works and what's so great about it.
Grow your social authority, brand awareness and reach with Meerkat and Periscope's live stream video. Post real-time clips of company news, sales, and even customer support on this budding platform.

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Periscope vs Meerkat: Attract a Global Audience With Live Streaming Apps

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