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Selfie Culture: The Good & The Bad Trend Among Generations

Selfie Culture Among Generation - SEO Information Technology
Selfie Culture Among Generations
Elizbeth Sewell - Guest Post - Selfie Culture

Selfies are the most popular trend of today and a recent study was conducted to find out which of the living generations take the most numbers of selfies. The results of the study suggested that those born between the 1980’s and 2000’s (Millennials) engage the most in taking selfies. The breakdown of the results was 55% of Millennial’s; 24% of Gen X; 9% of Boomers and 2% of the Silent generation engages in taking selfies.

It was also found that 1 million daily selfies are uploaded and out of the many social media sites and apps where users are allowed to upload their selfies, the most popular was found to be Facebook. 48% of selfies are found to be uploaded onto this social media site after which WhatsApp is the most popular 27% which is then followed by Twitter at 9%. 

This trend is one which has now been adopted by brands and companies as well as part of their ad campaigns and while selfies can be a fun way of taking pictures and expressing oneself, they do have negative aspects associated with them. One of the greatest concerns is of privacy and how uploading selfies onto social media sites can cause a breach of privacy especially if privacy levels aren’t kept high. With selfies, it is important that the picture is appropriate and that privacy settings are kept at the highest level. Furthermore, an antivirus should also be installed onto the computer and phone to prevent any outside trouble. 

Source URL: TheOneSpy - Selfie Culture Among Generation

Selfie Culture Among Generation - SEO Information Technology
Selfie Culture Among Generation [Infographic]
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