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Why SEO and SMO has become necessity?

Why SEO and SMO has become necessity? - SEO Information Technology
Importance of SEO & SMO for Online Business


Guest Author Post - Varun Singh - SEO and SMO

This era is defined as digital era. Things are changing rapidly .The thing which was new yesterday will become old tomorrow. In this competitive digital world innovation is must for every company. If you lie down and think your product is very good and people will buy it. Then your assumption is completely wrong. Nowadays there are at least 100 alternatives for every product. So, if people don’t know about your product then definitely they are not going to buy it. Also, it is proven fact companies spend huge amount of money to retain customers. Cost of retaining customer is much lesser than attracting a new customer. That’s, why we see several customer retaining schemes in market.

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Digital Advertising

What is SEO:-

In this competitive world companies are fighting with each other for market share. They are advertising hugely, offering good products, keeping high sales discount but one important thing most of them are missing and i.e SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It was started way back in 1990 but it became famous because of Google.  SEO is the process of affecting the visibility of a website in a search engine’s search results. So, in simple words it means it tries to increase website ratings. 

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Need for SEO:-

Now, let’s consider a practical example of day to day life. Most of us buy new products. Suppose we want to buy Freshness cream, so before going to market most of us will search on search engine (like Google or any other).  We will get a drop down list of many companies which offer this product. Suppose one company is there whose name is XYZ. Their product is very good and they have spent huge amount of money on advertisement and sales offer. But the name of product is not visible on first page of search results. As, user hardly go to 2nd page or 3rd page of search results, most of us surf products mentioned on first page. So, if your product is not found on 1st page by customer then how they will know about it and why will they buy it? That’s why SEO has become must for every company. 

Big companies like Amazon, Flipkart and others are spending huge amount on SEO and SMO (Social Media Optimization). As, it is famous saying in India -“Jo dikhta hain who bikta hain”.  So, what actually SEO does is that it helps in improving the rank so that your product will be listed on first page of search result.  So, if your product is listed on first page chances of customers seeing it are very high. Also, company can earn revenue from Click-through-rate (Google gives money when anyone visits to your site). Also, if more customer customers will visit your site its ranking will improve further.

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Need for SMO:-

Social Media help in advertising on Social Media digitally. As, most of the world is connected through social media, so it is best place to advertise about your product or to promote about your product. You can use attractive banners, text, template and various other things to pull customer attraction. It is found very effective and if we see bigger companies presence on social media is huge. 

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So, if company will not invest in SEO and SMO may be they will miss the bus. No matter whether their product is good or not but nobody will know about it. So, connect will SEO and SMO soon to improve your website rankings.

Why SEO and SMO has become necessity?

Varun Singh is a young enthusiastic writer who is energetic and talented. He has done BE and MBA. He has sound analytical and technical skills. He is blogger, SEO Expert who likes to write on social issues.