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Google's Updated Algorithm: Facts Every Marketers Should Know

Google's Updated Algorithm: Facts Every Marketers Should Know - SEO and Social Media
Google Facts About Algorithm 2016
Author Guest Post on Google Algorithm Updates 2016 - SEO - by Sumit Gosh at SEO Information Technology
There's been quite a lot discussion about the latest Google Algorithm. How this affected the ranking of pages at the Google? What are the new criteria that are playing a decisive role in achieving higher ranks on Google? First of all, we should learn what is Google Algorithm all about?

Google Algorithm is a technique that is adopted by  the Google to rank various websites based on certain factors.  Google has continually changed its algorithm to make the ranking smarter and helpful for the Google visitors.  The latest algorithm is now incorporated with artificial intelligence which favors the content which is long, meaningful and user-oriented. The latest algorithm was updated in the month of January.  

Google PageRank & Algorithm Updates - SEO Information Tehnology
Google Algorithm Updates
The latest algorithm is focused more on the quality of content rather than the quantity and is designed in such a way that it can easily penalize the content which is more concentrated on keyword stuffing. There are certain other metrics that is yet to be revealed by Google which they are taking into the counter to rank the websites.

Let's first look at some of the major organization who faced heavy degradation in their ranking due to latest update of Google Algorithm:

1) The Atlantic

One of the most famous websites of 2015, has to face great defeat after the up-gradation of the latest Google Algorithm. The publisher lost all the higher rankings for branded keywords and topics. Let's look at the below data analysis of the publisher-

Publishers Hit By Latest Google Algorithm Updates 2016
Publishers Hit By Latest Google Algorithm Updates
The reason behind this defeat is due to the same and old pieces of content. There are various similar kind of examples such as,,,, and etc. the drop in rankings is due to the stem of old and boring content.

2. Ultimate Guitar Tabs & Chords

The latest algorithm has not been so favoring for With the upcoming of latest Google Algorithm, the ranks of this eminent US website has witnessed significant downfall for a certain keyword.   Let's see its downfall graph and you shall know the effect of latest algorithm on this website's ranking:

Removed From Google Index, and Wondering Why? Google Algorithm Updates 2016
Removed From Google Index, and Wondering Why
The latest Algorithm has de-indexed all the website which offers guitar tabs to its visitors. This change is implemented globally and the same has happened with

Google Algorithm Change History 2016
Google Algorithm Change History

Let's Take A look at some of the website that has been befitted from the latest algorithm updates:

1. GQ Magazine: Men's Fashion and Style News is one of those websites which have been hugely benefited from the latest Google Algorithm. Look at the image below which shows the growth of this website of a certain website:

Google's Algorithm Update to Benefit Small Businesses Online
Google's Algorithm Update to Benefit Small Businesses

2. BrainPOP

Another great example of a website that is hugely benefited from the latest algorithm update is The reason behind the success of this particularly is stated to be the content that was highly user-oriented and specific.  Let' look at this website's analysis:

Brands Affected by Google Algorithm Search Update 2016
Brands Affected by Google Algorithm Search Update

After going through various journals and strong observations, we have formulated certain strategy that can help you get higher ranks on Google beating the latest Google Algorithm:   

(I)- Content Quality is Important

The latest algorithm is designed in such a way that the quality of content is preferred more than the quantity. Now the marketers who publish content related to the latest topics and trends are likely to be benefited more than the marketers who are publishing content on the same traditional, common, and boring content.

Content Is King – The Importance of Quality Unique Content - Google Panda Updates 2016
Content Is King – The Importance of Quality Unique Content
The winners at Google search engine have few things in common that made us come to a conclusion. The content that was ranked higher on Google or was either based on latest topics or holistic. And the marketers who published their content on the usual trends evolved out as a loser and getting a comparatively lower rank at the search engines. The articles, who were placed with higher rankings, were off nearly 2000 words with photos and videos and provide a great in-depth of knowledge. Another thing that was found common was that the content was user-friendly. Users were easily fulfilled by going through their content and this played a major factor in uplifting their ranking at Google.

So if you are willing to optimize your content, the quality of your content, length of content and its nature will play a decisive part in the same.

(II)- De-indexed Guitar Tab Pages

In Some cases, websites that have offered guitar tabs are de-indexed. This latest change has been implemented globally and has been observed in various leading websites. The complete de-indexation of thousands of URL is branch specific so we think it is done manually. In addition to this, ranking pages is full with same content.

The same incident was observed with one of the most famous websites Now this page does not rank for all the keywords. The website has been completely de-indexed. The editorial content is still available with the Google.

(III)- Importance to Email Interaction

The truth is out, they're not by any means going to take a gander at on location conduct for this one. The primary question here is the manner by which individuals are responding to emails that a given area conveys – if there's a high rate of messages being set apart as spam or individuals unsubscribing, this simply means that the individuals no more need content from that side or the site are not reliable for the individuals.

Importance to Email Interaction - Google Search Updates 2016
Importance to Email Interaction
One conceivable misuse endeavor is utilizing outside email accounts that don't originate from their own space, however in the event that this damages the general population offering those administrations by pushing them down in SERPs, they're presumably going to fix their criteria and begin ensuring clients are honest to goodness.  

(IV)- Mobile Friendly 

Now maximum of the websites has mobile versions of their websites. There has been a recent hike In the number of users operating or visiting a site from their mobile. The recent Google algorithm takes into account the mobile content of the websites in order to rank them.

The Google Mobile Friendly Update & Mobilegeddon 2016
The Google Mobile Friendly Update & Mobilegeddon
The rapid advancement in the mobile technologies is hugely affecting the rankings at the search engines. Developers are now more focused on developing a better and an user-friendly version of mobile apps.  Mobile users are focused on their objective and give a quick check on whatever they want. They don't usually spend more time on the mobile apps.

The content for the mobile apps will be different from the content of the websites. The content  for the mobile apps will comparatively lesser and much more focused. So that the users can easily get whatever they want.  

Usually, a user wants to learn things, explore them but in a very quick and relax settings. Nothing  can be as good as mobile apps. Now Google also examines which content is better suitable for and which one fort the websites and will rank the websites accordingly.  

Final Words-

Google usually does not confirm any algorithm updates but still there are various ranking metrics that needs specification from Google. One thing is specified that Google has taken this step just to promote the genuine and user concerned websites rather than the websites using unethical methods to get nice rankings in the search engines.

We are continuously working, observing and learning the pattern that Google is utilizing to rank websites. I and my team are trying nest to keep you abreast with the same. If you have observed any other pattern, do share with us, so that we can grow together and achieve our respective goals!!!

Google's Updated Algorithm: Facts Every Marketers Should Know

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