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Why It's Peak Time to Opt For The Open Source Software?

Why It's Peak Time to Opt For The Open Source Software? - SEO Information Technology - Mumbai, India

The concept of social media marketing is always been on a rise. The idea of using the social media platforms has witnessed various trends, seen various strategies, etc. One such strategy to get successful on social media is the use of open source marketing software. The idea of open source software is known to most of the marketers but marketers don't generally wish to use open source marketing software for their marketing campaign.

The proponents of open source software claim that it offers significant benefits than the-the usual marketing software. The normal marketing software offers only the visible features but the open source software provides features such as reliability, security, stability etc.

Open Source Software - SEO Information Technology - Mumbai, India

There is surely no doubt that the quality of open source software is the most important marketable factors which make it quite significant from the usual marketing software. There are certain other factors which should be known to every online marketer.

Free and Open Source Marketing Automation Software | Mumbai, India


Reliability is one of the major factors that makes open source marketing software stand out against all these commercial marketing software. Reliability signifies the absence of any defects present in the software. In common term, bug-free software. This bug could be anything such as data loss, sudden failure, incorrect operation etc. A bug is something that won't allow meeting the specifications. In the case of open source software, bugs are easily recognizable and are fixed quite speedily. And one of the most important features of open source software is time-to-fix characteristic. Usually, in commercial software, bugs are easily figured out and the fixing of the bugs take quite a time which can drastically affect your productivity.

Below Graphs Show the Reliability of Open Source Software:

Benefits of Open Source Software | Mumbai, India

Cost Efficient-

Annual Renewal and Licensing Costs to continue the use of a software is something that most of the organization wish to avoid. In this technologically driven world, these renewal packs vary from organization to organization and in most cases the cost simply does not worth the update. But it is compulsory on your part to renew so you have to.

Commercial Marketing Software | Mumbai, India

But if you discuss open source marketing software, the money that is used for updates, patching, new enhancements and support quite fairly defines the costs. And in general, if you look the update of open source software is comparatively cheaper than the usual commercial marketing software.

Long Term Benefits-

The long-term feasibility is one of the prime concern of every organization before they are to select any software for their organization. But if you are opting for open source marketing software, you are mitigating this danger and assuring yourself a long-term co-operation with the software.

The code that is used to develop the open source marketing software is becoming more interoperable and is aimed to deliver an object oriented approach. This is the reason why the open source software is able to give the organization a better chance to leverage and easily meet their marketing goals and aspirations.


Open source empowers everyone to look at programming for security defects. The consistent and wide associate survey empowered by freely accessible source code enhances security through the ID and end of imperfections that may somehow or another be missed. Gartner for instance, suggests the open source Software as a more secure other option to commercial software. The accessibility of source code additionally encourages top to bottom security surveys and reviews by government clients.

Free Open Source Software Security | Mumbai, India


For someone who is searching for a product arrangement, you have to pick an answer that fulfills your necessities, prerequisites, and desires. This is an augmentation of our prior pointer about security. Organizations are continually searching for adaptable arrangements that can adjust to the changing business environment rapidly and successfully. As the prerequisites of a business change, its necessities as for the product additionally experience a change. Utilizing an open source based programming implies that a business gets the upside of attempted and tried measures that are utilized for building the product architecture.  All the more critically, open source programming permits organizations to decrease their reliance on a merchant's restrictive software. Organizations have more noteworthy opportunity to flawlessly incorporate various programming constructed utilizing an assortment of open source innovations to control their business development.

Some of the Best Open Source Marketing Software in the Market Today-


If You need to run your own particular social media then BuddyPress is the best open source social media software for you. Essentially, BuddyPress open source social media programming is for every one of those individuals who likes to work with WordPress stage.

BuddyPress - Best Open Source Marketing Software | Mumbai, India
BuddyPress offers the free enrollment of open source social media script taking into account WordPress. It bolsters you run any sort of social media on your WordPress alongside the elements like:

  • Profiles
  • Settings
  • Groups
  • Updates
  • Private messaging

SocioBoard - Best Social Media Management Software | Mumbai, India

SocioBoard is one of the best open source social media management software. SocioBoard is, undoubtedly, one of the most prominent social media management tool available in the market these days. Understanding the importance of social media platforms and the various changing trends of social media, the latest features of SocioBoard ensures users to get the maximum out of their social media advertising.


Bloomfire's open source programming empowers groups and associations of all sizes to team up, make, share and learn together. With capable questions and answers includes that take into consideration transfer and formation of answers by means of video, reports, quick posts and then some. It gives your group the capacity to share content and thoughts how they need - online and socially.

Bloomfire Sales Enablement & Knowledge Base Solutions | Mumbai, India


Not at all like whatever remains of the SOCIAL MEDIA programming that is implied for general use, Mahara is outlined as a stage to permit its clients to exhibit their long lasting learning, aptitudes, and advancement to choose their audiences. With Mahara, you can make an e-Portfolio stage and set up an online learner group. Highlights in the product incorporate sites, a resume developer, a record director, foundations point of interest and the long range informal communication perspective where you can include and keep up your rundown of companions.

Social Media Programming Software | Mumbai, India
Mahara keeps running on Light, despite the fact that Postgres is favored over MySql.

Final Words-

Open source Software surely have lots of advantage over the commercial marketing software. Now organizations have started believing in the capacity of the open source software. Choosing the software depends completely on you. Which specific brand can easily help you out? Just get the detail of the software and match with your needs and choose the one that best suits you.

If you think we missed any points or if you want to share your views with us then comment in the section below.

Why It's Peak Time to Opt For The Open Source Software?