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Common SEO Mistakes Made by Web Designers

1. Welcome Page

A big mistakes made by many people who make a welcome page that appear when their site load and place a link that redirect to the main page of their site. Home pages get high page ranks and will not crawled if there is no proper structure of internal linking. Welcome (home) page having link in flash objects make impossible for search engines spiders to follow that link and make it a bad practice.

2. Flash Navigation Menus

A common mistake made by many designers is use of flash navigation menus. Flash menus may look nice but make difficult for spiders to follow those links.

3. Use Of Images Instead Of Text

Every designer want to give a better look to its web design and sometimes it leads to negative SEO implications. Designer tend to focus on design itself and not think about SEO and thus replace text that make overall design ugly with eye catching and cool images to attract visitors. Search engine spiders cannot read text in images and hence cannot follow those contents.

To get a better search engine friendly design, designers should try to avoid these mistakes. This will also make it possible for professional designers to survive in this competitive industry.
Common SEO Mistakes Made by Web Designers
Common SEO Mistakes Made by Web Designers