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Mobile Website SEO Tips To Focus in 2015

Mobile Website SEO Mumbai
Mobile Website SEO Mumbai

Google recently confirms ‘tweaks’ to search results but no major updates.

Google has launched a new improved search algorith on mobile devices which introduces article carousels that groups the most relevant content from within a single website together.

If you run a search query on Google on your mobile, you’ll see the newest, relevant content from within a single website grouped together in one easy-to-scan place.

Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Finding more mobile-friendly search results

  1. More mobile-friendly websites in search results
  2. More relevant app content in search results

Google: The Mobile-Friendly Ranking Factor Runs In Real-Time & Is On A Page-By-Page Basis

Mobile SEO Mumbai
Tips For Effective Mobile SEO Mumbai

1. Focus More on ROI, and Less on Keyword Rankings

When it comes for mobile SEO, it's more than just ranking of keywords for your campaign to be successful. Many SEO companies try to target low competition keywords whichj have zero value and competition in search results, so they can make Keyword ranking reports more impressive to show to their SEO clients. For Mobile SEO to work you should increase the flow of content marketing and keyword strategies and calculate success based on conversions, revenue from your site and ROI.

2. Create Quality Unique Content For Link Building and Earn Links.

Content is king, which is ultimately what every user is searching for – in some form or another. It can be articles, blogs, video, or other social media, but it's all content, and the more relevance you have, the bigger chances for Google to  rank your content high in search results. Quality, Relevance and Uniqueness is the three aspects of content which Google wants for your web page.

Inbound links are still the most influential signal of trust and authority, which isn’t going to change anytime soon

Earning high quality link on a relevant website is valuable for multiple reasons -- SEO, referral traffic, leads,  brand exposure and sales. Creating content assets such as visual infographics and guides are great ways to attract natural inbound links the right way. Create googd content that other websites can't help but share it and link back to your website.

3. Optimize your mobile website for visibility and traffic.

According to recent study mobile traffic would surpass desktop traffic in 2015. Google has made it clear that they will focus on mobile friendly sites as responsive websites provide the best experience for their users. “Mobile-Friendly” text displaying in the search results next to websites that are indeed mobile friendly considered in the eyes of Google.

Not sure if your website is mobile friendly? Run a test using Google's mobile-friendly tool and see for yourself. Similar to Google, Bing has also siad that they prefer a single responsive URL. There are several reasons that your website should be responsive, if your site fail the mobile-friendly test it would be a good idea to address and make your website mobile friedly today.

Improve your mobile website's traffic using vital tools such as QR Codes - this allows your users to instantly access your mobile webpage from different points. Social Media - publish and share your mobile website link on Facebook, Twitter, or Google +. It is One of the fastest and most effective ways to communicate with internet users. Referencing - SEO and referencing will help grow your audience. Create high quality content and focus on selected keywords you wish to rank your mobile site.

4. Improve Customer Focus with Social Media Engagement

Many small businesses signup for every social media site and share their content everywhere. Social media is now a powerful marketing channel as well as an online customer service channel. Connect with your social media audience not just related to your business services but alos on engaging with them on a more personal level.

Instead of trying to be active on every social media platform available, focus on two or three major refferals, which you can find out from your Alaytics reports. Be extremely active and helpful. This will in turn help your business to generate more leads, sales and revenue, and will also build a loyal following that will share your site content. This benefits your SEO when new people are introduced to your website and even presents opportunities to earn links.

5. Look beyond Google Mobile Website SEO.

In 2015 you should also focus on search engines Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo apart from Google.

Yahoo is now the default search engine for Mozilla Firefox, and it is reported that they nabbed 1.6 percent from Google last December. Google's deal is also up with Safari this year, and reports to have both Bing and Yahoo trying to compete and secure their spot. The option to switch default browsers in iOS 8 and OS X from Google to DuckDuckGo also exists.

With options other than Google search becoming more readily available and you need to make sure your business has visibility across these search engines as well.

Mobile Website Design Tips

When choosing a mobile template and adding the texts and media information on the template, you must take into account that users can access your page using their smartphones. Alway's resize all the images you added on your mobile site to accelerate the load speed, so that site visitors can visualize pictures and texts at the same time.  In addition, take into account the size of the page and try to redistribute the big files on externals pages, so the load speed can be reduced and the SEO will be enhanced.

There are different types of mobile templates including - E-Commerce Mobile Template: If you are planning to sell products through a website, you have to choose a online store mobile  template with an implemented shop, and include all the necessary details as shopping cart, client registration forms, payment platforms, stock notifications, etc.

Magazine / Blogs 

If you want to create a blog (Personal or Company) or a magazine whose information is easy to read and where contents have primacy over the design, use a mobile template which is accessible from phones and tablets. Make sure your mobile template has sidesbars to place widgets such as related posts or social networks buttons; they must be easily visible and incite visitors to use it.


If you want to publish all the latest news, use a mobile template which allows you to write the information accompanied by a graphic visual image and the header of the news. Divide your site text into different columns, and distribute the information in an attractive way; which can draw visitors’ attention.

Portfolio / Photography / Creativity

If you want to show your visual graphic work as a designer, or a illustrator or any other profession related to the artistic world, you can choose a portfolio mobile template. It must have an attractive design to which you can add contents complementing your work. And if you want the image to take higher prominence across all the other aspects, use creative templates orientated to photography.

E-mail newsletter

If you are sending an electronic bulleting directly to your contact lists, you must choose a mobile template in which you can capitalize the familiarity and use visual graphics, logotypes and images. This template should allow you to include articles, products reviews, etc.

Corporate / Business

This is a best option if you need to communicate the message and the services of your business in an clear and easy way: information arranged and a pictured related to the sector in which you work. You must also take into account not to write too much information in the Home Page to avoid misleading the site vistors. Try to avoid templates created, the scroll and to include a professional blog section and support for video.

7 Mobile Marketing Tips

Mobile marketing is a vital component of any comprehensive web promotion strategy today. Mobile marketing is quickly becoming one of the most effective ways to achieve this outcome. With more and more traffic going mobile every year, it has become ever more important.Targeting the mobile market is a necessity today, and it cannot be ignored.

Mobile Marketing Mumbai INDIA
Mobile Marketing Mumbai

Here are 7 effective techniques to employ that work wonders for driving mobile traffic.

  1. Site-Specific Apps - You don't have to run a service like Instagram or Spotify to host your mobile app that simplifies the web browsing experience for site users. Optimizing your site for smaller screen sizes should not depend  the services of a dedicated web developer. Platforms like Heyo and goMobi can take your regular website and spit out a mobile version instantly.
  2. Responsive URLs - A responsive site URL allows proper experience to visitors based on the device and browser they're using. If a site user is on an Android smartphone, they should be directed to a mobile site or your app. Otherwise, they'll be redirected to your default website. Merge your mobile and desktop URLs using open source mobile phone detection which is free and easy to use.
  3. Use Social Media to Promote Mobile Site Pages - Take advantage of social media marketing to push  your mobile site traffic. Make sure that all of your social media profiles on major sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, YouTube, and LinkedIn include mobile URLs that users can click and bookmark.
  4. Displaying Mobile Ads -  Use Google Ads and Facebook's mobile ad platform to explore your various banner options to get started. An oft-cited statistic states that 70% of mobile searches result in user action within an hour. Combine your mobile marketing with banner ads it's a powerful way to drive traffic that has a very good chance of success.
  5. Link Email and Mobile Promotion - Viral email marketing is still one of the most cost-effective methods for attracting and converting clients. For email marketing on top of mobile promotion you can use platforms like Tripolis that allow you to present mobile users with the option of emailing a friend about the ad when they click it.
  6. Mobile Web Video Marketing - Mobile video marketing has a viable way to advertise to customers. Posting site URLs within video clips on YouTube is one route to take. In addition, tool such as YouTube's TrueView allows you to efficiently market to consumers on a budget.
  7. Calendar Event Integration - One innovative way to capitalize on the high click-through rates of mobile banner ads is with calendar event integration. Using mobile banner advertising for a product or service, when the site user clicks the ad, it will mark the event automatically on their calendar as a reminder for the future. This will make sure a higher rate of follow-through from potential customers.

Fundamental SEO Best Practices 

Effective website optimization applies for mobile sites as they would for desktop websites. Search engine accessibility, keywords optimization, content and links all matter with mobile version. Keep in mind screen space is smaller for keyword use in titles and descriptions. Read this post from the Google Webmaster Central Blog for Making Websites More Mobile Friendly.

Mumbai SEO Best Practices
Mumbai SEO Best Practices 2015

Useful Resources

Wirenode - Create rich mobile pages and mobile websites with minimal effort. Include images, mobilize your blog from RSS an do much more.

Duda Mobile - Create your Mobile Website with DudaMobile, Make a Responsive Website with DudaOne or Find out more about DudaPro our professional partner program. 

Google - Multi-Screen Resources – Learn about mobile website configurations, their pros and cons and its impact on your business as well as layout and content best practices. Read the Multi-Screen white paper to get started and learn how other businesses succeeded on mobile.

Mobeezo - Free Mobile Sites allows you to create a mobile compatible website of your own and make your presence felt on the new web with easy to use tool bar.

Zoho Sites - Create a free website with Zoho Sites, for any business or occasion. Every free website comes with a free blog, business email and unlimited web hosting, all in one place.

Mofuse - Create a mobile version of your website using the best Mobile Website Builder - the easiest way to make mobile sites and mobile landing pages in minutes.