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Why We Love Manage Your Twitter Account (And You Should, Too!)

Why We Love Manage Your Twitter Account (And You Should, Too!)

Twitter Marketing Tips For Lead Generation
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Twitter Marketing Strategy: What do you think keeps the social realm of the internet buzzing all the time? Facebook, yes! But, virtual Twitterati generates the most amount of buzz after Facebook. Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams’ micro-blogging child, and Twitter receives millions of users who are chirping out their thoughts in a daily manner. Twitter is such a phenomenon these days that even President Barrack Obama opened his Twitter account. 

Tweet! Tweet! Tweet! Every netizen loves managing their account. Netizens pursue the most viral topics, the trendiest hashtags and the best headlines to catch their audience’s eyes. A tweet may be witty and colorful, or even often opinionated and persuasive. So, are you one of those netizens who love to tweet? Well, welcome to the bandwagon. You are not the only passenger – and here’s why we all love to manage Twitter accounts:

1. For communication – after all, who doesn’t want a voice that will stand out from the rest?

Twitter is the best way to voice out your opinions, feelings and thoughts on anything that comes to your mind. For instance, you may experience personal setbacks that you feel easier to talk about getting rid of the burden of those unsaid words; sometimes, you may have news or an important piece of information that you want to share with the world on a virtual platform

Additionally, viral retweets can also be an instant source of self-importance! Take the example of movie celebrities. They lead lustrous lives and often keep out of the public eye. With Twitter, they not only generate interest in their movies, but also give tidbits to their fans about their lives. Twitter becomes a brilliant platform for them to promote their films, share stories and memories or post updates so that their fans won’t feel left out. 

2. For promotional activities and business marketing

Are you an entrepreneur with a new product? What are you waiting for? Twitter is one of the best places to release the brand new promo of your product. For a person who knows how to properly manage their Twitter accounts, this social marketing website can be used to generate a lot of buzz. Platforms like Twitter are brilliant for developing positive marketing strategies and fostering better relations with your target audience. 

If you properly invest in a Twitter account, chances are, you will reap benefits as a marketer or a business manager. As puts it on the website – “Either commit to your Twitter account or expect it to be unsuccessful. But if you are willing to invest in a well-run Twitter account and work toward developing a real reputation on the social media site, you’ll find that there are many benefits that can help your company thrive in today’s economy, both in the short and long term.”

Twitter Social Media Marketing Tips Mumbai INDIA
Twitter marketing strategies should follow this basic outline!

3. For free and easy connection

Twitter is a social network that doesn’t really charge any of its users. You can connect with your most favorite celebrities, voice out your thoughts and opinions, interact with your followers and foster bonds and relations – and all of these without spending a penny

Aside from being a free social media platform, Twitter has another likeable feature – its lack of advertisements. Ads can be quite irritating for most people and since Twitter doesn’t have ads, it should do the trick for you! Also, tweets are brief and are only 140 characters long. This feature of brevity makes Twitter easy to use, often requiring only a brain, a grasp of language and the ability to click on icons.

4. For generating leads and building a brilliant network

Most of the world is on Twitter, hence through your profile, you can access another person’s account. This person has other followers, which you may view and follow as well and the chain reaction never really comes to an end.

For business ventures, finding leads on Twitter is easy. Leads, or potential customers who express eagerness to use your account can help you create a thriving business from scratch. On Twitter, you can forge connections by collecting their email addresses and then use them to form regular marketing campaigns. A campaign also enables them to directly share email addresses to which you can send promotional content whenever needed!

Using Twitter Marketing for Lead Generation Mumbai INDIA
How Twitter generates potential customers!

5. For researching on the market you are interested in

Twitter is a brilliant website to study social analytics for a product. Interaction with customers through tweets can give you an idea of what your audience is interested in. Through their feedback, you can modify your products or upgrade them accordingly. 

6. For targeting an interested audience member and enhancing customer satisfaction

You shouldn’t generally follow someone who doesn’t follow you back. The Tweepi app, with its ‘Flush’ option allows you to locate the users who aren’t following you back while its ‘Reciprocate’ option allows you to see the users you are following, but who aren’t following you back. The ‘Cleanup’ option literally helps you tidy up the mess in your list of followers. 

With the ‘Follow’ option, you can follow the ones who are genuinely interested in your updates, tweets and anything that you have to offer. Such a targeted audience can be of immense help. A specific audience and an audience interested in your product can immediately translate into better publicity – and positive publicity often results in positive growth and feedback.

These are the reasons why we love to manage Twitter accounts – but it’s not always about the pros – sometimes the other side of the coin needs to be explored. Excessive love for Twitter can result in a Twitter overdose – something commonly known as social media addiction. Immense addiction can gnaw into your daily schedules and derail them – so do watch out! Nevertheless, don’t stop altogether. Just be passionate and tweet within your limits. There is nothing wrong for having self- discipline while enjoying. That is what matters!

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Thats our look at using Twitter account for lead generation!

If you have any interesting stories about twitter marketing strategies and would like to share or have any questions or feedback you can leave them in the comments section of the blog post.