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Copywriting Tips to Increase Website Conversions

Copywriting Tips to Increase Website Conversions

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If you're creating a solid online presence for your business, one of the first things your web page will need is effective copywriting. The text on your page is what provides your customers with information and is also relevant to your page rankings in major search engines. That's why it's so important to use high quality copywriting to make sure your content is valuable to users, engaging, and relevant.

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Copywriting Tips For SEO Success

Providing Immediate Value to Your Customers through Informative Content

Any business can set up a website with some informational pages such as an About Us section, and a couple of posts on your company's blog. However, it takes a business that is dedicated to providing valuable information to customers to offer key content. Quality copywriting is one of the best ways to ensure that the information you provide to your customers teaches them something new and is relevant to your business. If none of your staff members are comfortable writing this type of informative content, it's easy to hire a copywriter to create texts specifically for your website.

Posting regularly to a blog is another great way to keep your customers abreast of the latest news and hot topics in your industry. When your site is able to provide unique information to your customers through effective copywriting strategy, you can easily show your customers that you believe in offering them value.
When you're up against tough competitors, though, it's not enough for your copywriting to only offer value. Your words must also be engaging. Any text on your website should capture a customer's attention in an emotional or curious way. Though it can be easy to fall into a pattern of writing like a textbook, your copywriting should always have a fresh voice that has something to say. Use adjectives and emotionally charged words keep your customers engaged.

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15 Key Features Of Copywriting Success

Create an Emotional Connection with Engaging Language and Readable Material

It can also be helpful to break up your text with subheadings, bullet points, or lists. This can make your copywriting more readable, as many online users simply scan texts for interesting and relevant information. When your customer can read the material easily and feel a connection, you make it easier for him or her to respond.

Help Customers Find You with Relevant Keywords

Finally, any copywriting that appears on your website should effectively employ keywords to optimize your site for improve rankings in SERP's for major search engines i.e Google, Yahoo and Bing. When your page utilizes search engine optimization, or SEO, your website appears higher in top search engine results. This is directly related to the number of customers that will find your site.

As many users only use the first couple pages of results, your page needs to be listed high enough that they will see your website and click through. However, your site cannot simply be stuffed with keywords or you will receive lower marks from search engines and lose your ranking.

Instead, your copywriting should be infused with enough specific keywords to make the page relevant to your user base without getting blocked out by spam filters.

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