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Are You Looking For Good SEO Copywriting - Methodologies of SEO

Methodologies of SEO:

Starting as early as 1995 to 2008 this industry has changed In the infancy of Yahoo SEO was born. There basic idea was to have a search engine work on the concept of the yellow pages. Starting with the alphabetical A to A#1. Basically keywords were seasoned here and there. It was all just a stab in the dark. They tested and tried variations of the concept. As a matter of fact on Yahoo you can still get your site submitted and added in less than 72 hours. By the late 90' around 1996 some of the first pages appear throughout the web with Search Engine programs, matching text, and mining data. The general public started to learn how their database worked. It was like having a light bulb of Eureka that's how this puppy works. Then the "algorithm" started to become more comprehensive. Specifically Excite got wind of what Yahoo was doing and in turn fine tuned the SEO parameters and generated #1 pages with the correct keywords. People started to realize that these sites were portals and manipulations of words started to take place.

Methodologies Of SEO

Then Infoseek, Hotbot, AltaVista started to get into the game. Simple results of getting on the top of search engines started to become a serious problem when these giants came into the game. People started to see their pages rise to the top of the page ranks within less than 24 hours of submitting their websites. Then like everything else on the World Wide Web. Page jacking started to take place. People started stealing their competitor's codes and would kick each other off the first page ranking. Oh brother what to do? The algo decoding had some serious problems ahead of them. By the late 90's specifically 1998 several of the big optimization firms started hiring programmer that could write algo-cracking codes. This would enable them to get into the first top 10 positions. Entire websites were going crazy with their rankings.

Finally the Search engines got wind of these tactics and put a stop to all this double and triple submission and only allowed limited submissions per site. What about the Spam's pop up links and doorways? They started showing up everywhere on the Internet during the 1998 and 1999 frenzy. Some were good if you could stay under the radar then your site wasn't getting kicked off. But there was a period when large amounts of site were getting banned and kicked off due to this practice. I am sure if you have been doing this as long as I have you recall hideous bothersome pop up windows. God forbid you ever went on a porn site because of a keyword you may have used! My goodness you had more pop-up windows slamming into your monitor than you could close at once. This looked horrible especially if it was an accident.

Not to bore you but by the early 2000 into 2002 Google got a hold of the "search engines" it was Goggle all the time. They have tightened the reigns of SEO and submitting sites and now you play clean and fair. Not to say you cannot pay to get ranked but it's all about your ad words and keywords usage.