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Tips To Boost Your YouTube Video Views

How to Get More Views on Your YouTube Videos Mumbai, INDIA
How to Get More Views on Your YouTube Videos

YouTube Marketing Tips Guest Post
Guest Blog Post

YouTube Video Marketing Tips: YouTube continues to be an influential superpower in social media marketing. Numerous brands have gained their popularity by posting their content on this site. But getting the crucial attention has never been easy and on the road to glorious YouTube stardom, comes the ever-challenging dilemma of increasing YouTube views

Here I’ve compiled useful tips on for drawing more views and traffic to your videos, which are classified and arranged under specific portions of your YouTube account to guide you every step of the way.

Boost YouTube Views With Simple Tips to Increase Your Video Traffic Mumbai, INDIA
Boost YouTube Views With Simple Tips to Increase Your Video Traffic

Video Creation and Editing

Remember that real YouTube views can only come from real interest you spark from your viewers. The best way to do before anything else is to work on the quality of the content. The content and overall impact of your videos should be prioritized. These tips help in the pre-posting actual creative process of the videos you want to give attention to. 

• Do your research. 

Conducting researches regarding your target audience and the like prior to their creation is an absolute must in order for garner the most interest and more importantly, the most views.  

• Choose an interesting name. 

Aside from making the title of your video Search Engine Optimized, you should also make your title attention-grabbing in itself. Your video can actually be thoroughly entertaining and well-crafted, but without a grabbing title serving as a “hook” to your viewers, it will never generate a significant amount of views. 

• Create precise descriptions.

A majority of YouTube users underestimate the power of descriptions. Some even skip this step entirely which a huge mistake if you want to increase your YouTube views

• Create your own suitable thumbnail.

Do not create the typical misleading thumbnail in order to trick your viewers into watching your video. This may generate views, but it will also tarnish your channel’s reputation which would eventually lead to a decline of views of your videos in general. 

• Add different kinds and styles of Annotations.

Simply prompting viewers to click on their links, especially if done too often and too much, can often be interpreted as nagging and counterproductive. You can think of creative and innovative ways to include captions and annotations in your videos to increase your video views. 

• Add a credit sequence.

Do also include here all your subscribers and external link annotations since most users toggle annotations off. 

• Use your tags wisely. 

All the tags you will use for your video must be relevant to it. Do not use tags that are not related to the video; otherwise, your viewers will take notice and use it against you. 

• Add music. 

Music or any supplementary background sounds for that matter, instantly sets the tone for the video. Manipulate this aspect right and it can lead to subconsciously sparking a viewers’ interest.  

• Create bloopers or a behind-the-scenes segment.  

Any sort of unpredictable surprise at the end of a video similar to bloopers and behind-the-scenes serves as a treat for those viewers who finish the video and for those who regularly come back for more. Not to mention that its performance in search engine results depends on the users’ time spent on watching your videos.

• Do collaborations. 

Doing collaborations with essentially more popular YouTube celebrities will allow room for cross-promoting and combining your audiences, and viewer count, together.

• Include a call-to-actions. 

You have to make your viewers feel the consistency and maintain their interest of the all the videos you present by giving them sort of a sneak-peek to what lies ahead for your videos as well as why and how you should do it. 

• Include contact information. 

If your viewers feel intrigued enough by your video to want to contact you in any way indicates they are drawn to your video, and possibly, may want to be involved in your future work. By no means should you fail to give them the contact information they need to do so. 

Video Management

After establishing a video optimal for garnering views, you should now sustain the same, if not more, time and effort to management on YouTube. These tips show you how to spark the most interest and views from the widest possible audience. 

• Increase your number of subscribers. 

The more subscribers you have, the more viewers have direct and regular access to your videos. 

• Create playlists. 

In YouTube, creating playlists means videos play one after the other. Creating them then can let your viewers seamlessly watch through your videos without having to burden your viewers to manually transition them.

• Take time to interact. 

YouTube features videos with engaging content. You can achieve this by encouraging viewers to like, share and leave comments on your videos. Additionally, you can respond to their comments to keep the conversation going. 

• Transcribe your video.

Creating equivalent text documents of videos increases the chances of them appearing in search engines. Invest in good transcribing for all your videos to effectively increase your views. 

• Refrain from spam. 

Syndicated content will never be appreciated as much as genuine, personal content. 

• Make your channel interesting. 

It’s not enough you have only one good video in your arsenal. Maintaining the quality in all your videos ensures your viewers that all, and not just several, of your videos are worth watching. 

• Ask for viewers’ feedback. 

What sets real YouTube views apart from fake, bot-operated views is the interaction real YouTube viewers can offer. Asking for feedback at the end of your video makes viewers feel their opinions and views are well appreciated and are expected for all your future videos. 

• Deliberate on “buying” views. 

If you feel the need of finding more direct ways to gaining more views, it is now possible to pay for YouTube views. Although it is significantly riskier to pay for YouTube views, if done correctly, it can positively boost your viewer count tenfold. Since the demand for social media popularity has increased, countless providers you can contact have emerged to cater those who need to pay for YouTube views. 

• Choose reliable views provider.

In order to buy real YouTube views, however, you should ensure that your provider is reliable; otherwise, YouTube can remove your account. Research on a provider’s background and reviews before entering a deal with them. Otherwise, websites like Fiverr can allow you to buy real YouTube views. To buy real YouTube views this way should have less repercussions compared to bots and sketchy view providers. 

• Make a succinct channel trailer. 

One of YouTube’s newest new features allows you to create a trailer to promote your viewers to watch and subscribe to your channel. Use this to your advantage and gain a larger viewer count. 

Overall Social Media Management

Relying on YouTube’s resources alone for the goal of gaining more views remains insufficient. Increasing your number of views is greatly determined by your effective use of other social media sites. These tips cover the integral aspect of social media management for increasing your videos’ views. 

• Aim beyond increasing views. 

Your viewers will always feel it if you are too obsessed with the idea of merely generating views rather than building and sustaining an engaging relationship with them. This will immediately downgrade their impression of you and your videos, making you gradually lose the frequency of their viewership.  

• Embed your videos everywhere.

The more your video is embedded in third-party sites, the more views it generates. Proactively locate sites that might agree to you posting your content.

• Include backlinks.

Especially when using third-party sites, always give your users the option to view your videos through backlinks. 

• Use Facebook.

You can use Facebook’s Page features and advertisement to promote your videos. Your reach, however, depends on your budget. 

• Use Twitter.

Tweeting about your videos still remains as one of the fastest ways to spread content. Use interactive hashtags to engage users to convey their own personal attachment to your video. 

• Use Instagram.

Now a rising social networking site, Instagram has now proved itself to be leading photoblogging contender and a must for all upcoming personalities. Use your account to promote and post updates about your videos.

• Create your own blog and/or website. 

Having all your content, as well as all your videos, published in a blog increases its chances of being found when being searched for by internet users. 

• Use subscription and share widgets on your site. 

Once you’ve established a website, make sure that your viewers can easily access your content and share your content with the rest of the world. Installing subscription and share widgets can make this possible. 

• Create an E-mail newsletter. 

Have a list of emails that you can easily send your videos to at any point in time, especially to ones you’d want feedback from. In that way you are provided with in-depth criticism of your work. 

• Regulate your posting. 

People often mistake posting well with posting too much. Make sure that your content is well-timed; otherwise, your viewers will only get saturated with your content. 

• Ask viewers to like and share the video. 

The best way to encourage people to watch your videos is through social proof. The more people like and share your videos, the more other possible viewers are convinced you provide interesting, must-watch videos. 

By now, you should be able to truly understand the underlying importance of each step instead of merely following the steps I’ve provided as they are. Once you have understood this clearly, you are definitely on your way to garnering the much-needed views for your videos and becoming the next YouTube sensation!

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Guest Author/Blogger on YouTube Video Marketing
Guest Author/Blogger

Sheena Mathieson, understands the essence of making excellent content that suits the needs of every business especially when it comes online marketing. She can spice up your marketing campaign with the content she makes and then incorporate Buy Real Marketing services.

Theses are few of the many ways to better optimizing YouTube videos platform. What other innovative ideas you use for YouTube optimization? Share your thoughts or questions you might have in the comments below!