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Are Backlinks from Free Blogs Effective?

You have set up some new sub domains on free blogs like blogspot/blogger or wordpess and keep posting articles with backlinks on them around a month or more. Now the question is Are backlinks from these blog platforms effective? and should this be used as a link building strategy.

Suggestion #1

The problem here is that you have created new sites which on day one have zero authority, zero traffic and do not rank on the serps. Backlinks from such sites are weak.... It will take time for you to grow your tier 1 sites which done correctly over time will provide beneficial link juice... One approach to strengthening your tier 1 sites is to create tier 2 sites which provide backlinks to tier 1 overtime as well as sending other signals e.g. social shares, bookmarks etc... and again rinsed and repeated with tier 2 and perhaps tier 3 level.

With that said done wrong with G detecting unnatural link building and you'll find such links will be discounted or worse could contribute to a penalty e.g. penguin....

The best links you can get are from well established sites which are ranking, have traffic and possess a level of authority/trust - ideally on the home page.... My recommended approach with getting such links is either through guest posting or that you develop a PBN with purchasing old domains which have great metrics plus with resurrected content and valuable backlinks which for sure provide much more link juice than what you are doing currently...
With PBNs you are looking for websites/domains for sale which already have what you are stating e.g. great quality backlinks, gets traffic and has authority/ranking indicators e.g. MOZ DA/PA, Majestic CF/TF are some third party metrics which can help with assessing a domain for sale... A few years ago PR would of been relevant - but its no longer updated and has not been for a few years now so dont bother with that...

PBNs is similar to what you did above with web 2.0 like Blogspot and Wordpress, but you've to grab the customize domain for your PBNs blog.

Suggestion #2

Yes of course, free blogs are effective when you are publishing fresh and unique content weekly or daily basis and count as back link for website.

Any backlink that is not on a spammy site is going to help. Creating your own sub-domains and backlinking to the main domain isn't going to hurt but it sure isn't going to help that much, especially if they are brand new and that's what is sounds like. You want backlinks from established trustworthy websites. That's what is going to help you the most. Creating blogs on free web 2.0's or any other place isn't going to help as much as if you put the effort into getting 1 decent quality backlink from an established blog.

The key is not to expect to dump awful content onto a new sub-domain site and rank or get a decent link. Same with everything online now - build quality and nurture it.

It works but it should be used in conjunction with other types of links. You should really test those thins instead of asking it here. A lot of people have a lot of opinions and I had a 100 times to do something that other people said it can't be done. It's all up to you, use other people info. just for directions but not as a guide. I use free blogs as important part of my LB efforts but I do it for my type of promotion, for someone else it maybe won't be so effective. I create daily 30-50 new blogs and promote 1 web 2.0 site with 50-100 links from free blogs. I don't know why you say may be less effective than because I see it completely the opposite. Blogger already has some authority where is new domain that has no authority at all. 

I use free blogs to rank I use free blogs to link. You should really test it and see the results and take conclusions from those results. I have analyzed some domains and looked at the type/structure of backlinks some sites have. I saw some sites rank with 90% using just directories (and people say that those links are useless) I saw some sites rank using only a lot of blogger and WordPress blogs for backlinks. I saw people rank very good using mainly hi5 profiles backlinks and I saw people ranking with only couple of blog farms. Just try something and take notes  And remember, you can make 10000 backlinks but if you target wrong keyword phrases and too competitive area than you will fail. So work smarter not harder  But you do need to work. 

And one last note that I always tell, if it's for authority site build links slowly and mix a lot of types(sources) of links.
Personal Tip: They are effective. I'm trying to make as much as i can from them.

Are there any other problems I'm overlooking? I get the feeling i am missing something major here and i hope that some one considerably cleverer than me can let me know in the comments.


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Are Backlinks from Free Blogs Effective?