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75+ Awesome Facebook Pages to Follow for Aspiring Social Media PROS

The occasional musician, journalist & motivational speaker found a place among these 75+ influencers -- but most of these people & brands made their names on social media.

Please enjoy the article & get ready to Like & follow a few new pages & profiles. 

Note: the people on this list were selected in no particular order. It's impossible to rank a dynamic group like this!

Here is the list of 75+ Best Facebook Pages to Follow for Aspiring Social Media PROS:

  1. Michael HyattMichael is an author, speaker, blogger & podcaster.
  2. Convince & ConvertConvince & Convert is a social media & content strategy firm.
  3. Chalene JohnsonChalene is a motivational speaker & author.
  4. Ted RubinTed is a social media strategist & speaker.
  5. Sue B. Zimmerman : Sue is an Instagram marketing expert.
  6. Mari Smith : Mari is a Forbes Top Social Media Power Influencer & Facebook marketing expert.
  7. Kim Garst : Kim is a Forbes Top 10 Women Social Media Influencer & CEO of Boom Social.
  8. Chris Brogan : Chris is publisher & CEO of Owner Magazine.
  9. UnMarketing : UnMarketing is the brainchild of marketer Scott Stratten.
  10. Jaime Primak Sullivan : Jaime is a Hollywood publicist, producer & writer.
  11. PewDiePie : PewDiePie has one of the most popular YouTube channels in the world.
  12. Brian Solis : Brian is an author & digital anthropologist.
  13. Brian Fanzo : Brian is chief digital strategist at Broadstreet.
  14. Kurt Wagner : Kurt is associate editor of social media at Re/code.
  15. Pat Flynn : Pat is a blogger & podcaster who teaches people how to do business online.
  16. Cynthia Sanchez : Cynthia Sanchez helps businesses with Pinterest marketing.
  17. Nathan Latka : Nathan is founder & CEO of Heyo.
  18. Dennis Yu : Dennis is a chief technology officer.
  19. Bryan Kramer : Bryan is CEO of PureMatter.
  20. Re/code : Re/code covers tech news & events.
  1. Melonie Dodaro : Melonie is a LinkedIn expert & social media trainer.
  2. Heyo : Heyo helps business with Facebook marketing.
  3. Jessica Northey : Jessica is CEO & founder at Finger Candy Media.
  4. Melanie Perkins : Melanie is founder & CEO at Canva.
  5. Daniel Bischoff : Daniel is chief content officer & co-founder at Stackur.
  6. Joel Pavelski : Joel is a social media editor at the New York Post.
  7. Viveka von Rosen : Viveka is a LinkedIn expert & speaker.
  8. Cindy King : Cindy is director of editorial at Social Media Examiner.
  9. Lynette Young : Lynette is an author, speaker & content marketer.
  10. Christa Scherck : Christa is a publicist at Celebrity Style & Publicity.
  11. DJ Waldow : DJ is a social media expert who was a digital marketing evangelist at Marketo.
  12. KISSmetrics : KISSmetrics is an analytics company that helps businesses measure & grow.
  13. Sandi Krakowski : Sandi is a Facebook expert & Forbes Top 20 Social Influencer.
  14. Justin Brooke : Justin is founder of IMScalable.
  15. Duct Tape Marketing : John Jantsch is CEO & founder of Duct Tape Marketing.
  16. Peg Fitzpatrick : Peg is a writer & speaker.
  17. Paul Carrick Brunson : Paul is a writer & entrepreneur.
  18. Mike Gingerich : Mike is a podcaster & founder of TabSite.
  19. Joe Pulizzi : Joe is CEO & founder of Content Marketing Institute.
  20. Ann Handley : Ann is chief content officer at MarketingProfs.
  1. Jason Falls : Jason is a PR & digital marketing expert.
  2. Guy Kawasaki : Guy is chief evangelist at Canva.
  3. Seth Godin : Seth is a best-selling author & blogger.
  4. Kristi Hines : Kristi is a freelance writer.
  5. Cliff Ravenscraft : Cliff is a speaker & podcast pro.
  6. Dre Baldwin : Dre is a writer & speaker.
  7. Laura Pistachio Fitton : Laura is a writer who works at HubSpot.
  8. Thomas Hawk : Thomas is a photographer & blogger.
  9. Bruce Clay, Inc. : Bruce is a search engine optimization pioneer.
  10. Christine Kay Donaldson : Christine is a brand ambassador at Oakley.
  11. The Everywhereist : Geraldine DeRuiter is a traveler & blogger.
  12. BuzzSumo : BuzzSumo helps you understand what posts work on your page & who helps promote your content.
  13. TrackMaven : TrackMaven provides intelligence for digital marketers.
  14. Cammi Pham : Cammi is a digital strategist at KwinMedia.
  15. Social Tribe : Social Tribe is a San Francisco-based social engagement agency.
  16. Brian Carter : Brian is an author & speaker at The Carter Group.
  17. Marketing Land : Marketing Land covers the world of Internet marketing.
  18. Mom It Forward : Mom it Forward is a network of mom bloggers.
  19. Nichole Kelly : Nichole is CEO at Social Media Explorer.
  20. Ian Cleary : Ian is CEO at RazorSocial.
  1. Emeric Ernoult : Emeric is CEO & co-founder of AgoraPulse.
  2. Socially Sorted : Donna Mortiz helps businesses, entrepreneurs & bloggers get more reach.
  3. The Social Media Cowgirl : The Social Media Cowgirl helps small businesses with social media.
  4. The Marketing Zen Group : The Marketing Zen Group is a full-service digital marketing agency.
  5. OnlineMarketingAddicts : Jo Barnes is founder of Online Marketing Addicts.
  6. Sean Gardner : Sean is a social media consultant & blogger.
  7. Jay Oatway : Jay is a speaker, author & consultant.
  8. Joel CommJoel is an entrepreneur & speaker.
  9. The Social Classroom with Phyllis Khare : The Social Classroom provides social media tips & tools.
  10. Tony Robbins : Tony is an entrepreneur, author & speaker.
  11. Jeff Goins : Jeff is a writer.
  12. Grant Cardone : Grant is a best-selling author & television producer.
  13. The Chris Voss Show : Chris Voss is CEO at The Chris Voss Show.
  14. Pushing Social : Stan Smith provides content strategies for businesses & personal brands.
  15. Jeremiah Owyang : Jeremiah is founder of Crowd Companies.
  16. Social Media Examiner : Social Media Examiner is one of the largest social media publications in the world.
  17. Travis Barker : Travis is an American musician.
  18. Rebekah Radice : Rebekah is a social media strategist & co-founder of @eSocialSuccess.
  19. Brendon Burchard : Brendon is a best-selling author & motivation speaker.
  20. Lee Odden : Lee is CEO of TopRank Online Marketing.
  1. Matt Astifan : Matt is founder of Web Friendly.
  2. Cindy Gallop : Cindy is a writer, speaker & CEO at MakeLoveNotPorn.
  3. Lori Moreno : Lori is a writer & speaker.
  4. Shira Lazar : Shira is co-founder of "What's Trending". 
  5. Bryant McGill : Bryant is an author, speaker & activist. 
  6. Rosh Khan : Rosh owns SocialRank Media.
  7. Stephanie Sammons Digital : Stephanie teaches people how to build businesses online.
  8. Gini Dietrich : Gini is an author, speaker & blogger.
  9. Robin Sharma : Robin is a social entrepreneur & author.
  10. Alex Houg : Alex is founder & CEO of Portage.
  11. Ann Tran : Ann is a Forbes top 10 social media influencer.
  12. Peter Shankman : Peter is CEO & founder at ShankMinds Business Masterminds.
  13. Ayelet Noff : Ayelet is founder & CEO at Blond 2.0.
  14. GeekBeatTV : GeekBeatTV provides daily news about tech.
  15. Ekaterina Walter : Ekaterina is global evangelist at Sprinklr. 
  16. Syed Balkhi : Syed is founder of WPBeginner - WordPress for Beginners.
  17. Jordan Kasteler : Jordan is senior SEO manager at Red Door Interactive.
  18. Social Media Explorer : Social Media Explorer covers digital & social media marketing.
  19. Sprout Social : Sprout Social is social media management & engagement software.

Who are Social Media Influencers? An individual’s online reputation factors in social media influence, which means the more influential you are on social media, the better your reputation is. Search engines like Google also factor social media influence into pageranks. With the emergence of influence marketing, a form of marketing that focuses on key individuals versus a target market, there has been more pressure on organizations to seek out social media influencers.

What does this all mean for your business? Engaging with social media influencers allows you to increase awareness of your brand, create brand advocates, increase online reputation, and increase pagerank. Whether your business objective is to increase awareness or improve SEO traffic, social media influencers can help with that.

That's our look at the Best Facebook Pages to follow for Social Media Pros. You were probably already following a few of these pages & profiles -- and some of them are probably new.

Did we miss to add your favourite social media pro in the above list? Please recommend new additions in the comments below.

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