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How To Rank Your Website Without Using Spammy Techniques

Matt Cutts assures webmasters that the good guys will stand a chance as long as they don’t spam, and they continue to create compelling, unique content that users will want to link to. In Matt’s own words, he says that yes “the good guys do have a chance, and we [Google] try hard to make sure the good guys stand a chance”.

The fact of the matter is that Google is getting better at fighting spam. The “techniques” that are abused are being continuously minimized, and it’s becoming harder and harder to spam on Google. Google continues to preach the same values as always, make sure you have great user experience and come up with something compelling so that people want to link to you because of your fantastic website.

Matt expresses that, “yes it can take longer to build those links that are harder to get, but they are more likely to stand the test of time”. Make sure that you don’t start out by spamming or doing any black hat SEO tips and tricks because those techniques are going to be less likely to work going forward. Matt suggest putting the effort into getting those hard links and not on fast, easy, spammy black hat links.

What To Ask an SEO Company

Matt Cutts finishes the video by giving some suggestions of what someone should ask when hiring an SEO company. Matt’s suggestions are:

  • Do some research on the search engine optimization company.
  • Ask the SEO company exactly what they are going to do.

Matt also adds some warning signs you should look for in prospecting search engine optimization company’s answers. If you receive any of the following answers you should run away screaming:

  • The SEO company knows Matt Cutts personally.
  • They have a secret “in” with Google’s web spam team.
  • They don’t tell you what they are going to do in clear terms that make sense.
  • Their answers make you feel uneasy.

Being a victim of bad SEO strategies is not a laughing matter, it could result to penalties and loss in ranking that you spent a lot of time and money to gain. However, always keep in mind that Google is making it a small world for spammers to live in since they always see to it that offenders are being penalized. No matter what kind of black-hat techniques or other kind of inappropriate tricks some may use to rank higher, Google will always find a way to stop such wrong actions.

Just like what Cutts said in the video, yes, good guys do stand a chance to rank higher and the advice he left is the same as what he said in all the previous videos wherein the primary purpose of these website owners should always be to give great user experience. Make your webpage exciting by incorporating Social Media like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter and utilize the power of graphics and videos to liven up the page. Aside from these tools, coming up with compelling stories and interesting contents will surely let people link to your site in return. There is no need to use spammy links if you have great, unique and high-quality content. Google is always willing to help as long as one is also willing to follow and heed the guidelines.

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