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Should You Write Clarity Content Over Technical or Scientific

Excellent explanation by Google’s head of search spam Matt Cutts on the question Should I focus on clarity or jargon when writing content? comes from Ben Holland, Phoenix, AZ.

For technical details and scientific explanation, you write the best a few extra pages for the experts.
  1. With too much content page is anyway no longer legible.
  2. The landing page is for dummies, the underlying pages are the experts. So you have good content for everyone and everything can be
  3. Found easily by both human visitors and the robots.

Clarity, but can also include jargon.

Matt explains that in most cases, having content that most people understand is way more important that having all the scientific and technical jargon about the topic you are covering. If you can't explain the topic to a novice, then the reader likely won't be able to understand your content.

Best case, start off explaining it in simple terms and get more technical as you go. But if you had to pick, it seems Matt is saying content clarity is more important over detailed technical and scientific content, in most cases. The short answer is focus on clarity over jargon.

It is a given that clarity is preferred over than jargon's for any content that is posted on the internet. In any case the experts who understand the jargon will not be using Google as source of their information. It is the novices that use Google to search for the information they need. If you want to talk to the experts, post your content in peer reviewed papers, if your audience is the common man, then post your content on the internet and write in the language your audience will understand.