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15 Best Android Apps for Social Media

Top 15 Social Media Apps for Android

Best Android Apps for Social Media Networking
Best Android Apps for Social Media
Guest Blog Post for Android Apps Social Media
Guest Blog Post

Top Social Media Apps: There are thousands of social media apps available for Android to suit different tastes or activities. From connecting with people, sharing photos or videos, accessing different social media accounts, or even just free text-messaging or video calls, this list gives you the best android apps for social media.

1. Facebook. 

Though not all users prefer this, it is still the most widely used social media platform. Through Facebook, you can message friends, keep them up-to-date, post photos and videos, and easily link other pages such as Youtube or Twitter to get real Youtube views or buy real Twitter followers. It is also easily customizable (you can choose which posts you want to be notified with and choose to set some posts to private) and undergoes regular updated bug fixes and speed improvement. Go to Google Play Store

2. Facebook Messenger. 

It makes messaging your Facebook friends easier, but you can also message those who are not Facebook, but are on your phone book, as well. Sending photos and videos are also very quick and easy, and you can still use this app while tending to other apps. You can message people to link to other pages, to get real Youtube views and buy real Twitter followers. It also features group chats and free calls over Wi-Fi. Go to Google Play Store

3. Twitter. 

Another social media favorite, Twitter lets you browse through anything under the sun. You can use text, photos, videos and you may link to other pages, such as Youtube, so you don’t have to pay for Youtube views. Emojis let users be more expressive, and hashtags are a way to find out what’s trending. You can live-feed your event, you can be updated with breaking news, and you can find out what’s going on with your favorite public personalities. Go to Google Play Store

4. Fenix. 

Though this is a paid app, it’s totally worth it. The user interface is beautiful and easily navigated. You can swipe through, hold buttons or use a single click to access features or perform actions. You can be notified of activities such as mentions and notifications in real time, and you can customize what you want to be informed of, such as users, hashtags and even keywords. Go to Google Play Store

5. Tumblr. 

This is a blogging platform which makes posting all sorts of media easier for you. With a few clicks, you can share text posts, photos, videos, music, quotes, chats, and links. You can message other users and even enable an anonymous ask feature. You can always feature your other social media accounts here to get likes on Facebook, get real Youtube views or buy real Twitter followers. Go to Google Play Store

6. Instagram. 

An attractive app which lets you share photos and videos, Instagram also unleashes your artistic side by making editing much easier. They have filters available for you, as well as features to customize brightness, contrast and saturation. Plus, you can share your Instagram photos on other social media platforms, too. Go to Google Play Store

7. Tango. 

This award-winning app features free text-messaging and high-quality video calling for any device. It also allows you to be creative, play games over calls, share photos, and share music from Spotify. Go to Google Play Store

Top Social Networking Apps
Top Social Networking Apps For Android
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8. WhatsApp. 

Messaging and calling are free with Wi-Fi. With WhatsApp, you don’t have to register with a new username, and your messages can still be received even though you’re offline or your phone is off. Your phone book is also connected, so it’s much easier to access your contacts. Go to Google Play Store

9. Snapchat. 

This is another fun app to share images or videos in real time. You can also include a funny caption and send it immediately. If you and your friend are both online, talking to each other through pictures is much more fun, or you can even video chat. Go to Google Play Store

10. Vine. 

Vines are short videos which you can create and share easily. You can search for users near you, share funny videos and even edit them through this app. You can also search for popular users or videos and follow your favorites. Go to Google Play Store

11. Pinterest. 

This allows you to unleash your creativity and bookmark interesting ideas all over your mobile browser. You can explore other users’ projects, creative ideas for d├ęcor, and even travel and hobby inspiration. You can share or pin videos here, so you don’t have to pay for Youtube views anymore if you want to promote your own. Go to Google Play Store

12. Google+. 

With Google+, you can connect with people who have the same interests and search trending topics more easily. Storage of photos and videos is probably its best feature, and that’s not it. You can also edit them with simple tools and create movies and animations. Go to Google Play Store

13. Foursquare.

With Foursquare, you will never get lost. Find out the best places near you which suit your interest. You can tell the app your preferences, and don’t be afraid to be specific because it has choices available for you. It can tell the locations of the best places, as well as reviews from other users. Go to Google Play Store

14. Home. 

This is a unique app which delivers your feed from different social media platforms and shows them in your home page. Yup, you can now access Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and Flickr on your lock screen. You can also get notifications and be informed about the time and weather, and you can choose from your Facebook photos to pick for your phone wallpaper. Go to Google Play Store

15. Hootsuite. 

Another app which makes all the other apps available in just a few taps, Hootsuite makes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare accessible for you. What’s even better is that you can manage multiple Twitter accounts, and choose to schedule a post on Facebook or Twitter. Through this, you can share links to other social media accounts, such as videos, and you don’t have to pay for Youtube views anymore to get them clicking. Go to Google Play Store

Android has different apps available for you. It has never been easier to connect with people around the globe. These apps have even encouraged you to unleash your creative side, as you can send images or videos through simple messaging. These different apps have a lot of uses and suit different tastes – what’s the best for you?

Guest Author/Blogger - Android Apps
Guest Author/Blogger

Sheena Mathieson, understands the essence of making excellent content that suits the needs of every business especially when it comes online marketing. She can spice up your marketing campaign with the content she makes and then incorporate Buy Real Marketing services.

So assuming you have space on your android device for these 15 apps, they are designed to help make users’ lives easier by connecting them with the world around in new and exciting ways. New apps are always coming out and you won’t know if they are right for you unless you download them and give them a try.

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