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60+ Tools and Tips You Can Use To Find Anyone's Email Addresses

In business, finding email addresses is often an important first step in building relationships or getting sales leads. Email outreach can be used for any of the following:

Content Promotion
Growing Your Network of H
Media Coverage
Increasing Sales
igh Value Contacts

However, finding email addresses can be a challenge. Some people don’t have their direct emails listed and it can also be time consuming to find all the email addresses that you need.

Luckily, people have created a lot of tools and resources that can help you more easily find email addresses. I’ve used some of these tools myself for outreach campaigns that resulted in thousands of social shares to some of my blog posts and to find contact info for potential sales contacts.

Although finding contact info isn’t hard, people should use this information responsibly by making sure their message is relevant to the recipient, personalized and well targeted. Forming mutually beneficial relationships is what makes outreach efforts worthwhile.

This guide delves into numerous ways that you can effectively find email addresses of people you may want to contact.
  • Email Finding Tools
  • Twitter Tools
  • Email Outreach Management Tools
  • Email Address Databases
  • Sales Outreach
  • Journalist Email Addresses
  • Find Emails from Websites
  • Other

Email Finding Tools (1-11)

My favorite way to find email addresses that aren’t publically listed is with email finding tools. These tools make it easy to either verify someone’s email if you guess it or some tools will even find email addresses for you.

1. Rapportive

Rapportive is a browser add-on that integrates with Gmail that was acquired by LinkedIn. This add-on can be useful for finding email addresses, especially if you are well connected on LinkedIn.

Most company email addresses follow similar naming conventions. For example, many emails will use the following formats:

With Rapportive, you can guess a person’s email and then copy and paste each email into Gmail to see if any information is connected with that email address. Once you find an email that turns up info, then you know you have a valid email address.

Rob Ousbey at Distilled created a free spreadsheet to generate all the email combinations that are commonly used for company email addresses. You can then copy and paste these addresses into Gmail and click on each one until Rapportive finds an email with info connected to it.

I also found this nifty online tool that was created from Rob’s spreadsheet. Just enter the name and domain info here and it will provide all the permutations without having to use a spreadsheet. You can then copy and paste it as needed:

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