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How Much Facebook Fan Page Marketing Costs in INDIA?

Updated for 2015! Looking to outsource? Here's a rundown of the costs of social media marketing, both for Freelancers and Small Social Media Consultants.

How Much To Charge For Facebook Marketing INDIA
How Much To Charge For Facebook Marketing in Mumbai, INDIA

How Much Does Facebook Marketing/Advertising Costs?

If you thought the costs of marketing with Twitter was high, you might want to checkout Facebook marketing rates. To set up a new Facebook account and Fan page setup and then provide a limited ongoing training to business partners, online PR agencies charge an average of $2,500-$5,000 per month, with some going as high as $9,000. Of course, this also includes status updates and interacting with customers. If you have used any of this services you may have noticed that they fail to provide any Social Media Marketing (SMM) Strategy. 

If you're shelling out a minimum of $4,500 per month for Facebook Fan Page management, you're not getting any strategy behind the efforts. That costs extra (sort of like adding bacon, but with no taste). Now, we'll admit that building a Social Media Strategy for Facebook is the most important part — you've got to go into social media marketing with a game plan and a list of goals to achieve from it, or you'll never really get anywhere. This is the reason you don't want to outsource your company's social media management to a fresher or a young kid who just took a class in marketing at college. Online PR agencies know this, and they make sure to charge you for their social media expertise. 

Tips For Social Media Manager (Newbies)

Figure out how many hours it will take you and base your price on that. That way you can give them an accurate account of the work you are providing. You should pre-determine some KPIs so they can get an idea of the effectiveness of your efforts.

You could start with an initial fee for the social media strategy work if needed and then a retainer arrangement for the ongoing updates and account maintenance. 

I would suggest to set it up this way because without the social media strategy in place how do you know how much content and maintenance the project will need? You can also add in additional fees for the photography work and make sure you have the proper fees in place based on the licensing agreement for your images.

And while you want to have a reasonable price as a freelancer or a small time social media consultant, you still need to pay the bills. A standard way of figuring out your cost as a freelancer would be to figure out all of your monthly bills and determine what you need as an hourly rate to keep the marketing project on, then adjust the budget based on market rates and your experience. 

The initial maintenance will be heavier as content and process gets in place so I would have more hours upfront and taper off. I would place a caveat into the contract to review the ongoing retainer once the strategy has been put in place and the programs start to enter the market.

So ultimately something like this:

Initial social media strategy:
Hourly rate x 40hrs = XXXX
The 40 hours here is just a placeholder as I dont know the full scope of the project. 

Month 1 retainer:
Hourly rate x 25hrs per week x 4 weeks= XXXX

Month 2+ retainer:
Hourly rate x 15hrs per week x 4 weeks = XXXX
Again this is just an placeholder hours but if you are creating a lot of content and there are a lot of conversations you need to manage, this might increase.

Images each = Hourly Rate X 2hrs
You need to make sure you get paid for your photography work. Typically I charge about 2 hours. This would include time for taking the photo, retouching and resizing. 

You should also retain all rights to your images and ask for a copyright and your name mentioned as the photographer linking to your portfolio. If they want to own the images or remove your information, then you can charge more for this service.

Still Not Convinced, huh?

Checkout below references for Facebook Fan Page Marketing prices in INDIA

Facebook Marketing

The first group of operative social media marketers can charge from $5 to $15 per hour and the second group of SMM strategy planners could charge $20, $30 and more. It all depends on location, experience, and expertise.

  • Time-Based Pricing 
  • Project-Based Pricing 
  • Value-Based Pricing

Facebook Fan Page Marketing Service Providers in INDIA:

Assuming, that Facebook Promotion plan For  price for India market is 15$ as general which comes around 959.18 INR* (1K)

I suggest you need to decide now whether you want 1K per week, month or per project as a Social Media Consultant or a Freelancer Social Media Manager.

Why Social Media Marketing?

Facebook gets more monthly page views than Google; Millions communicate via Twitter; LinkedIn provides great professional networking and YouTube can build brand and boost your sales.

Facebook Marketing Packages

Below is our social media pricing plan for Facebook Marketing:

One time single payment plans, for monthly, 3 months, quarterly or 6 months prepaid packages email us at

Buy Facebook Likes | Get real Facebook Likes | $17 for 250
500 Likes 1,000 Likes 1,500 Likes 2,000 Likes 5,000 Likes
19$ 31$ 45$ 62$ 179$
1200 INR* 1900 INR* 2800 INR* 3900 INR* 11400 INR*
All Packages Will Be Delivered within 30 days or less*

Buy Facebook Post Likes | Get real Facebook Post Likes | $9 for 100
100 Post Likes 250 Post Likes 500 Post Likes 700 Post Likes 1,000 Post Likes
9$ 19$ 31$ 39$ 59$
575 INR* 1200 INR* 1900 INR* 2400 INR* 11400 INR*
All Packages Will Be Delivered within 30 days or less*

Buy Facebook Shares | Get real Facebook Shares | $15 for 100
100 Post Likes 250 Post Likes 500 Post Likes 700 Post Likes 1,000 Post Likes
15$ 27$ 75$ 97$ 137$
900 INR* 1700 INR* 4700 INR* 6200 INR* 8700 INR*
All Packages Will Be Delivered within 30 days or less*

Want more?

  1. Buy Facebook 5 Star ratings | Get real Facebook 5 Star ratings | $19 for 50
  2. Facebook Account Verification | Verify your facebook account | $369 for 1
  3. Buy Real Marketing | Buy Facebook Comments | $9 for 10
  4. Buy Real Marketing | Buy Facebook Friends | $9 for 100
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  6. Buy Real Marketing | Facebook Daily Likes | $48 for 100
  7. Buy Real Marketing | Facebook Daily Post Like | $37 for 100
  8. Facebook Page Management | Buy Real Marketing


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How Much Facebook Fan Page Marketing Costs in INDIA?