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How to React and Respond to Your Audience Comments and Suggestions On Your Facebook Page

How to React and Respond to Your Audience Comments and Suggestions On Your Facebook Page

5 Tips To Increase Engagement on Your Facebook Page

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Facebook Page Engagement Tips: Facebook has introduced a helpful feature on Facebook pages. It allows your audience to give comments on each of your posts when you publicize a comment, blog or ads on your Facebook Page. Reacting and responding appropriately to your audience’s comments and suggestions is an integral part of Facebook marketing and need to be understood well.

It may happen that you have generated a good number of customers or fans, but you are not able to maintain the number. It can lead to slow degradation of your business. Thus, it becomes very important to manage Facebook Management. Here are some important marketing tips which can help you. 

Tip #1  Know when to respond

Always respond with a “thank you” message. Always acknowledge positive feedback by asking a follow-up question (for example, What about your experience with us? Was it good?). This way, the person will come back and will tell you some more good things about the business. If someone is dissatisfied with an experience, acknowledge the comment as quickly as possible. Address the problem and show your interest to deal with it and then give that person a way to follow up. 

Facebook Page Posting Tips - Social Media Marketing Tips
Facebook Page Posting Tips

Tip #2  Know when not to respond (or when it’s less important)

There is no need to reply to each and every individual comment if you are engaging your audience by asking their thoughts on a topic. A group comment like “thanks for your thoughts/feedback” is more than sufficient. If you have asked for a constructive feedback, you may add, “Your suggestions are valuable” and you should consider their views. More so, request people to stay tuned for the next steps that you’ll take in the coming future. People will take it as an appreciation from you and will encourage them to participate repeatedly.

Again, there is no need to respond if you get a spam comment. Now, the problem is to recognize a spammed message. These Facebook Marketing Tips can help you. Most likely, it is a spammed message if:
  • It is made by a person whose picture is a bit racy.
  • It seems to be over promotional.
  • It includes over punctuation marks. A lot of exclamation marks make it more certain. 

You are supposed either to delete them or move them to the Hidden part of the wall. Click on the option cog on the post and select the Hide Post option from the drop-down menu.

Tip #3  Please the audience when responding

Some important marketing tips to manage Facebook Management with regard to replying audience comments are as follows:
  • Always try to show that you’re listening. People want them to be heard and you do that quickly and easily by acknowledging comments. 
  • Don’t let the negative comments affect you too much. Some people are pessimistic and have the tendency to complain. They take out one negative from one thousand positives. Still, you should never dismiss these people. 
  • Few negative feedbacks are nothing to get worried about, but if you get numerous negative feedbacks, get ready to change. Take it as a great opportunity to please your audiences.
  • You are supposed to respond in a warm, natural human voice and not like a computerized robotic one. People are more comfortable sharing negative feedback when they feel they are talking with a faceless, anonymous brand. Contrary to it, they feel uncomfortable sharing negative feedback if they feel like they are talking with a “person” who can also ask questions against them.
  • You can’t decide how to respond if you don’t know what’s being said. Make it clear and handy to what people are posting and saying on your Page or use free tools like NutShellMail or Hootsuite. Facebook Office Hours also helps to manage Facebook Management, where people can come with their questions or feedback, and they know that you are there to pay attention and respond. This is a good practice of Facebook marketing as you can create an actual dialog with your audience and can focus the activity on a specific amount of time.
Facebook Management Tips | Social Media Management Tips
Facebook Management Tips

Tip # 4  Use your fans' first names in status updates & comments

Everyone likes to hear his or her own name. Calling by name instantly creates a deeper connection between you and the audience. In fact, it works wonderfully when you are talking to a person the second time. You should use a name to sign off on comments/updates as it helps in building trust with the fans. If it’s not possible to use the individual’s name, use the team names. It is just not one of marketing tips, but also a good Facebook marketing practice to manage Facebook Management. One more thing, try to create a conversation and engage your audience, instead of just leaving “like” comment on your fan page.  

Boost your Facebook Page – Social Media Engagement Tips
Boost your Facebook Page – Engagement Tips

Tip #5  Involve your audience

Here are a few marketing tips to help you get started
  • Ask your audience to upload a photo around a theme (you can ask a photo of their workspace or work desk)
  • Ask for their photos for a contest or giveaway.
  • Ask your fans to share their images with your products.  

An important aspect of Facebook marketing is to learn how to react or respond to an audience’s comments and suggestions. You should not be afraid of doing this thing. Remember that in a Facebook venture, your audiences give life to it, so shower them with care and understanding.

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Facebook tips to learn how to exercise good social etiquette and manage your audience. Using quality interaction with your fans and customers on social media.

These are just a few effective ways you can tweak your content and change your delivery to create stronger engagement with your fans or audience on Facebook. Check them out and try a few. See which ones boost your fan's interest and add them to your Facebook Marketing Strategy.

Missed anything on Facebook Engagement Tips? Do you see any tips that you’ll consider using soon? What other Facebook engagement tips can you share? Please leave your comments below.