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How To Convert Online Traffic to Actual Sales Using Facebook

Turn Your Facebook Fans Into Actual Sales

Convert Online Traffic to Actual Sales Using Facebook Marketing Tips
Convert Online Traffic to Actual Sales Using Facebook

Facebook Marketing Guest Post
Guest Post
Facebook Marketing Strategy: Facebook is one of the kings of the social media world. That being said, it may be an effective place to sell your product or promote your website, but one has to be equipped with ways on how to navigate through it. Here are some Facebook marketing tips to help you reach your customers by increasing your page likes and posting valuable content.

Know who you want to reach out to and find ways to reach them. Identify your target audience first. This is a pretty basic step for marketing on Facebook and you must have accomplished this upon doing your business proposal. However, reaching them through Facebook is another task altogether. Two of the most fundamental Facebook marketing tips are to create a page for your website or business and to get likes for your Facebook page.

To get those likes, reach out to those within your perimeter first. Invite your friends to like your page. Soon, your friends’ friends may be able to see the page. Also, don’t be afraid to promote your page in other pages which have similar content through comments. 

In your posts, remind them to keep constant interaction, such as suggesting them to like the post if they could relate to it, or to share it if they want to see more of the content. Use your profile photo or cover photo to remind them to spread the word. 

Offering promos, discounts or even contests can boost likes by requiring them to do so. You may also take advantage of this Facebook strategy by having them share the post, requiring them to invite a certain number of people to like your page, or by having them tag their friends in their entries. You may seek other places to find your target audience by joining other groups with similar content and interacting with people there.

Once you have them in your page, keep constant communication. Do your part by marketing on Facebook and posting regularly. It will not hurt to keep posts prepared within the day for timed intervals, as Facebook users are not likely to see all of them, but do not flood their news feeds, especially with content they could do without. This may even encourage them to un-like your page.

You should also keep in mind of other things you can moderate, such as profile pictures or cover photos. Change them from time to time and use them to engage Facebook users and potential likers. Another Facebook strategy is to respond to their comments on your posts. This is your chance to interact with them directly and address their concerns. 

Also, include polls or surveys from time to time to know what they are thinking and letting them know that their opinions matter. In posts which include photos, ask them questions and have them vote through liking or sharing. This will boost activity in your page and may have them take part in the sharing process. In your posts, don’t be afraid to tag people.

Perhaps they are not notified when you post something new, so this is a way to alert them. Lastly, provide your contact information where you can squeeze them. You may include these in your Bio and strategically place them in some of your posts, especially when you advertise a certain product.

Optimize your content. Make the best out of your posts. A good Facebook strategy is to have your posts prepared before you let them out into the Facebook world. When you write text posts, make it as short and juicy as possible. No one would want to brave through a long post upon scrolling. Make sure to use photos often, as this may catch the user’s eye when they browse through Facebook. 

With photos, use as little text as possible. Also, take advantage of posting videos from Youtube. This may serve as free advertising, and may even boost views on your Youtube page. Using different forms of media may catch the attention of different types of Facebook users.

When you promote your products or website on Facebook, list as much details as possible, but also make it relevant and interesting enough. Find out what’s trending in terms of posts (such as famous hashtags, memes and quotes) and relate them to your line of interest. 

Once in a while, include interesting content which are not directly related but are still relevant to your product, such as facts, trivia or links to other articles, such as trending news. Find ways to hear their stories and how you or your product can contribute to their lives. Reach out to them to discover what they want to see in your Facebook page. Also, have them involved in your activities. Make them feel that they are a part of it. 

Constantly update them when you have events, and find ways to invite them or have them participate, such as creating an event exclusive only for Facebook users and giving discounts. Let them know they are involved.
For successful marketing on Facebook, use other social media platforms to your advantage. Link your Facebook page to other sites and vice versa. Update your Facebook page when you have a new post on your website, so even your website can increase in views. Also use hashtags, as this may be a way for distant users to find your page.

Don’t be afraid to shell out a bit of expenses. Facebook has several features which you can pay for to increase users flocking to your page. You may use the ‘promote your page’ feature to advertise your page to those near you or depending on your target audience. Also, consider using sponsored stories or ‘boost post’ to promote individual posts. This will require additional payment but may be worth it in the long run.

Once you follow these Facebook marketing tips, you are sure to be guided on your way to selling online and engaging with your customers.You can now get your likes, reach out to other potential customers, post content which they enjoy, and boost your product sales. Advertising has never been this accessible and easy.

Tips for Facebook managers to convert followers into sales

Facebook Marketing Tips For Converting Online Sales Mumbai INDIA
Facebook Marketing Tips For Converting Online Sales

Do you consider Facebook a main traffic driver to your site? How do you engage with your fans to get the biggest return on investment?

Comment below and tell me one thing you want to better understand about Facebook marketing.

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Guest Author/Blogger

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