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10 Tips On How To Create An Effective Facebook Page

10 Tips On How To Create An Effective Facebook Page

Learn how to create a Facebook Page that people want to like, read, engage with, and share.

Facebook Social Media Marketing Guest Blog Post
Guest Blog Post

Facebook Page Marketing Tips: When it comes to Facebook Management, the first thing that comes into your mind is Facebook Page. It is as important as your face; It creates the first impression, and all the story begins from here. In order to help you, here are some important marketing tips.

Facebook Page Marketing Tips Mumbai INDIA
Facebook Page Marketing Tips

Tip #1  Selecting the name

“What’s in a name” is just a proverb. Even though this step is very simple, it is a very important part to manage Facebook management. The name should be interesting and easy, so one should choose a name by which a customer knows him/her. It should be of less than 25 characters. Besides, keep in mind to include the location, divisions, business type, etc. Not only it sounds as a good practice, it is also a requirement for Facebook Marketing

Tip #2  Selecting the URL

To easily promote the Facebook Page, one needs a URL that is easy to put into emails and on flyers. Everyone needs a vanity URL which is easy and simple. Mostly, people do not focus much on this marketing tip and suffer a lot.

Tip #3  Designing the strategy

Don’t think that one needs to start a Facebook Page to make money start flowing. What comes next is a well-designed and well-discussed strategy. Discuss and sort out all the points like the tone, the goals, brand awareness, sales, subscriptions and the management of the page in the future. This is one extremely important point to manage Facebook management and needs for a concentration.

Tip #4  Updating the “About Section” and Optimizing the Search Engines

One of the simplest marketing tips to drive traffic to the website is to update the ‘About section’ under the ‘Cover Photo’. It is one of the few areas that allow to the hyperlink; hence, it is an added advantage. Don’t forget to describe the company details briefly before providing a link.

10 Steps to Create a Facebook Page that Gets Likes - Facebook Management Tips
10 Steps to Create a Facebook Page that Gets More Likes

Everyone knows that to be successful with Facebook marketing, there is a need to optimize the website for search engines. Here is a marketing tip:

Load the description with keywords just like a website. Update the description, goals, mission, etc. within the same area of About section (Admin Panel > Edit Page > Update Info), filling it with relevant keywords. It is a good Facebook Marketing practice and definitely helps in enhancing the business.

Tip #5  Creating a content calendar

Generally, this is not considered as a marketing tip, but it really helps to have structure, particularly in the early going or if multiple people managing the Page. Make a list of what to do and work out on the themes and the posts per day of the week. There is no need to stay strictly to the schedule; it should be fluid, flexible and natural

Tip #6  Assigning the roles

This marketing tip is not for them who manage the Page themselves and no one else touches it. If so, skip this part. But if a team or even two persons are working, assign roles to each member; otherwise the page will be screwed up. Allow for various levels of control with Facebook Page admin roles. Role assignment prevents airing duplicate content so better allow the best person to create and manage the best content. 

Complete Guide to Facebook Pages for Businesses - Facebook Marketing Tips
Complete Guide to Facebook Pages for Businesses

Tip #7  Narrating through the cover photo  

Tell the story through your cover photo. A picture tells a thousand words. An 851×315 cover photo will tell prospective fans whether it’s worth liking or not. It is better to hire a photographer or a designer than somebody who is not good at it. Tell the brand’s story with imagery so that people will know about the story from the start. Avoid too much copying and make sure to follow Facebook’s rules (It is a part of the Facebook marketing policy) concerning the ‘Cover Photo’.

Tip #8  Highlighting the profile photo

The Cover Photo is important for the first impression, but profile photo is what the visitors will see every day (or at the time of post). It is advisable to add some thoughts to it. A logo is also another option but faces almost always do better.

Facebook Marketing does not end here. It is very important to know the ideal dimensions of the cover photo, profile photo, shared photo and highlighted photo because Facebook Marketing team will resize the image, giving it a not-so-good view. This is how one should manage Facebook Management

Tip #9  Setting company goals

Most of the brands create a page, but generally forget to set any of their company goals. The tabs (the four featured boxes plus the eight hidden under them) are an opportunity to drive the business goals. Create tabs to tell more about the brand, sell products, drive subscriptions or feature a contest. The possibilities are endless because one can do almost everything on a Facebook tab, which a person can do on a website.

Tip #10  Using the Insights

Brands love to ignore Facebook Insights because of mathematical complexity, as there are lots of statistics and numbers. But Facebook Insights are something different; they are incredible. When used properly, one can get a better idea on what types of content fans respond to and when they’re more likely to engage. 

If a Facebook Page is not elegant and interesting, it can spoil your reputation and image. However, it can make a marked difference if you can create an effective Facebook Page. Nothing to lose in making it better this time.

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Above is an updated Step-by-Step Guide on how to create a Facebook business page. Great for both newbies & veteran Facebook marketers.

Create an awesome Facebook business page using these 10 Effective Facebook Marketing Tips & Tricks. Learn how to create and set up your free Facebook Page and grow your business by reaching and connecting with Facebook's one billion online users.

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